Right to Work Arizona Welcomes 1,300 New Jobs

The latest Right to Work Arizona investments are coming from Kohler and XNRGY. But these aren’t just any regular business investments. These two companies will create lots of new jobs for the state as a result. In fact, when added together, they will create a total of 1,300 new jobs! So this is exciting news.

Read on in order to learn more about each individual investment.


Kohler is creating 400 new jobs in Right to Work Casa Grande, Arizona as a result of a new manufacturing facility here.

“We are excited to welcome Kohler’s manufacturing facility to Casa Grande. […] As a global leader in design, innovation and manufacturing, we are grateful for Kohler’s commitment to build their Arizona plant, creating hundreds of quality jobs in Casa Grande. Kohler’s investment demonstrates the attractiveness of the growing manufacturing sector in rural Arizona. We look forward to supporting Kohler’s future success.” […]

“We’re excited to have Kohler, an iconic and internationally-known brand, select this market and enhance the region’s robust supplier ecosystem. […] Greater Phoenix continues to attract leading businesses and manufacturers, with an innovation-centered economy and talented workforce that meets industry demand. There is no place better to grow, and we look forward to working alongside Kohler as it scales successfully in our region.”



XNRGY is investing $300 million toward a new facility soon in Right to Work Phoenix, Arizona. This will create 900 new jobs as a result!

“Sustainability and environmental impact are more important than ever, as we race against the clock to save our planet. […] This is an important mission for each one of us. I have set a personal challenge for XNRGY to meet the requirements of the Paris Climate Accord by 2030, 20 years ahead of schedule. Through innovative design and manufacturing, we will provide impactful systems and achieve this goal of reducing building energy consumption.” […]

“XNRGY’s new manufacturing facility highlights the state’s attractiveness as a destination for manufacturing excellence. […] XNRGY is bringing their state-of-the-art operations to Arizona, highlighting the state’s vibrant industrial manufacturing sector. We are grateful to XNRGY for their commitment to Arizona and look forward to supporting them as they establish their first facility in the U.S.”


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