Right to Work Arizona Welcomes New Business Investments

Companies investing in Right to Work Arizona include Sunlit Chemical and NerdWallet, as well as EMD Electronics. And, all three of these businesses are adding new facilities to the state soon. This will then create new job opportunities for their respective areas. So this is exciting news!

Read on to learn more about each investment.

Sunlit Chemical:

Sunlit Chemical is investing $100 million in Right to Work Phoenix, Arizona. This will allow them to add its first US manufacturing location here.

“This new facility enables Sunlit to be the leading main supplier of high purity hydrofluoric acid to semiconductor fabs in the U.S.” […]

“Today’s groundbreaking represents another significant addition to Arizona’s rapidly expanding semiconductor ecosystem. […] Sunlit brings a global reputation for safety, quality, and sustainability. We are thankful they have chosen Arizona to stand up their first manufacturing facility in the U.S.” […]

“As an advanced manufacturer providing high-wage jobs to the region, Sunlit is a welcome addition to the rapidly growing semiconductor industry in Greater Phoenix. […] In choosing Phoenix as its first U.S. facility, the company is joining a number of Taiwanese businesses that recognize the advantages our region provides.”

“Over the past 18 months, Phoenix has been spotlighted on the global economic stage as a center for advanced manufacturing. […] We are so honored that Sunlit selected North Phoenix for its expansion. They are a welcome addition to the growing manufacturing ecosystem here.”



NerdWallet is adding its third US location soon in Right to Work Scottsdale, Arizona. So this is great economic news!

“As one of the nation’s leading financial services companies, we are thrilled NerdWallet has chosen Scottsdale as their third office location. […] We are excited NerdWallet will be part of our dynamic business and financial services industry, creating highly-skilled jobs while increasing their presence on the West Coast.”

“As a fintech leader, NerdWallet’s decision to expand into Scottsdale showcases the opportunity Greater Phoenix presents to innovative companies. […] The region’s operating environment will be of great benefit to NerdWallet, and the company will find opportunity while paving the way for more high-level jobs for residents.”


EMD Electronics:

EMD Electronics is investing $38 million in order to expand with a new factory in Right to Work Chandler, Arizona. This will also create 100 new jobs.

“The opening of our new factory shows our commitment to further support our customers’ ambitious growth plans. We are proud to expand our production capacity and innovation footprint in Arizona and to contribute to the state’s development as a major semiconductor hub in the U.S.” […]

“EMD Electronics’ investment in Chandler advances its position as a global semiconductor materials leader. […] The company’s enhanced presence will bolster Chandler’s position as a technology hub, creating quality jobs and supporting existing semiconductor leaders in the state.” […]

“There’s a ripple effect occurring as the semiconductor industry has its sights set on Greater Phoenix. EMD Electronics’ expansion to Chandler shows that trend in action. […] With the increased presence of this international innovator in our region, the local semiconductor ecosystem continues its upward trajectory as a global leader.”


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