Right to Work Georgia Welcomes Troy Acoustics and GAF

Troy Acoustics and GAF are two companies that are adding new locations soon in Right to Work Georgia. Each one will create new opportunities and enliven the state’s economy. Read on in order to learn more!

Troy Acoustics:

Troy Acoustics is investing $40 million in order to add a new facility in Right to Work Thomas County, Georgia. This will also create 88 new jobs!

“Innovative companies like Troy Acoustics are what make Georgia a unique and diverse state to do business, and we are excited to welcome one of the only manufacturing facilities of its kind in the U.S.. […] Considering our booming film industry and soundstage spaces, Troy Acoustics is a perfect fit. We look forward to the company’s products being used in future Georgia-lensed productions, and we congratulate our partners in Thomasville and Thomas County for creating jobs and opportunities for their community through their support of Georgia businesses!” […]

“We have been working with Troy Acoustics since January 2020 after meeting Bill and his team at a trade convention, and we couldn’t ask for a better outcome. […] In early 2023, Red Hills Business Park will welcome its newest tenant as construction begins, and workers will begin to fill the facility in 2024. The products made in Thomas County will go on to support economic growth across the state.”



GAF is investing $146 million toward a new facility in Right to Work Valdosta, Georgia. This will also create 135 new jobs!

“GAF is committed to ensuring that our commercial roofing customers receive the highest quality service and adding another manufacturing plant in Georgia will help ensure that our customers get the GAF products they need as quickly and efficiently as possible. […] We’re a proud employer in the state of Georgia, Lowndes County and the city of Valdosta and are excited to continue our investment in the region to help drive economic development and bring more opportunities to residents.” […]

“We are excited to celebrate GAF’s fourth location in Georgia and the opportunities this advanced manufacturing facility will create in Lowndes County and the surrounding area. […] Manufacturing continues to grow at an incredible rate across Georgia – creating 166 percent more new jobs from economic development projects last year compared to the previous year. These jobs-of-the-future benefit the long-term health of our citizens, families, and communities. Congratulations to our partners in Valdosta and Lowndes County, and thank you GAF for continuing to invest and grow in Georgia.”


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