Right to Work Kentucky Sees Continued Economic Growth

Companies are investing in Kentucky, and it’s no surprise as to why. After all, the Right to Work state provides excellent economic benefits. Some of the most recent Right to Work Kentucky investments are coming from Columbia Brands and Casey Jones Distillery, as well as Summit Polymers and Paschall Truck Lines. Altogether, these companies will create a total of 558 new jobs. So this is exciting news for the economy! It’s also a great example of how Right to Work states encourage economic growth.

Columbia Brands:

Columbia Brands is investing $3.7 million in order to expand in Right to Work Henderson County, Kentucky, creating 175 new jobs.

“Our distribution center in Henderson County continues to advance new processing capabilities. […] Investment in this area will help us achieve our goal to get our products into the hands of our customers and consumers in the timeliest manner possible.”

To encourage investment and job growth in the community, the Kentucky Economic Development Finance Authority (KEDFA) today preliminarily approved a 10-year incentive agreement with the company under the Kentucky Business Investment program. The performance-based agreement can provide up to $2.2 million in tax incentives based on the company’s investment of $3.7 million and annual targets of creation and maintenance of 175 Kentucky-resident, full-time jobs across 10 years.

“This is an exciting day for both 4 Star Industrial Park and Columbia Sportswear. […] Columbia has been a tremendous corporate citizen and to see this capital expansion job creation exemplifies what we have known for many years.”


Casey Jones Distillery:

Casey Jones Distillery is investing $1.9 million in order to expand in Right to Work Christian County, Kentucky. This will create 15 new jobs!

“Kentucky’s bourbon and spirits industry is currently in a period of incredible growth and expansion. […] We are seeing example after example of companies choosing the commonwealth to expand their distilling operations, which is a testament to the resources, workforce and communities that support this industry. I want to thank Casey Jones Distillery for their commitment to Kentucky and wish them nothing but success in the future.” […]

“Casey Jones Distillery continues to be an exemplar of local, family-owned business demonstrating the entrepreneurial spirit of the Bluegrass State. […] With Peg and AJ’s leadership and strong support from local, regional and state government, Casey Jones Distillery will continue making a significant economic impact on our region for generations to come. We are thrilled to see their expansion come to life and look forward to supporting their continued success.”


Summit Polymers:

Summit Polymers is investing $37.5 million in order to add a new location in Right to Work Anderson County, Kentucky, creating 218 new jobs!

“Our roots in Kentucky run deep. This new Lawrenceburg facility reinforces our commitment to the longstanding partnerships we’ve shared. […] The Commonwealth of Kentucky, Anderson County and City of Lawrenceburg have been exceptional in their support for this new project, and we are thankful for this opportunity to conduct business in Lawrenceburg.” […]

“It is always great to see companies grow in our state, and it is even better when that growth reaches into new communities. […] SPI has had a strong presence in the commonwealth for more than three decades, and this new Lawrenceburg operation will position the company for even bigger things in the future. Thank you to SPI’s leadership for your continued commitment to Kentucky and our residents.”


Paschall Truck Lines:

Paschall Truck Lines is investing $8.2 million in order to add headquarters in Right to Work Calloway County, Kentucky. This will also create 150 new jobs!

“Paschall Truck Lines Inc. has looked forward to building a new company headquarters on the north side of Murray for many years. […] We believe the new headquarters facility will serve the needs of the company, its employee-owners, our customers and Murray and the region for many years to come.” […]

“Paschall Truck Lines is the latest Kentucky company to grow its presence in the commonwealth. […] I am thrilled to see additional job creation in Western Kentucky, particularly from an employer that has such a long history of success and growth in our state. Congratulations to the company and everyone in Calloway County on today’s groundbreaking.”


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