Right to Work Louisiana Welcomes Investments of All Kinds

Louisiana’s economy is constantly improving as a result of its Right to Work laws. And the type of investments it sees is also diverse. Some of the most recent investments are coming from Origin Materials, and Syrah Technologies, as well as Alliance Compressors, and Louisiana Entertainment/Troubled Muse. Altogether, these businesses will create hundreds of new jobs for the state. So this is exciting news!

Read on in order to learn more about each company’s Right to Work Louisiana plans!

Origin Materials:

Origin Materials is investing $750 million in order to add a new location in Right to Work Ascension Parish, Louisiana. This will also create 200 new jobs!

“The local talent is world-class across refining, forestry and agronomy, feedstock logistics and chemicals. The site sits along the Mississippi River with easy access to barge and rail and plentiful local wood residue feedstock.” […]

“I welcome Origin Materials’ plans for a new facility in Louisiana. […] Their unique process of developing PET products from renewable wood fibers is yet another example of how the global shift toward sustainability can be a catalyst for economic investment and job creation in our state.” […]

“This project points to a future of transformational changes in the manufacturing of chemicals and plastics. […] Origin Materials’ decision to locate its largest plant-based plastics operation here speaks to our region’s continued advantages for workforce and supply chain, even as technologies change for the future.”


Syrah Technologies:

Syrah Technologies is investing $176 million in order to expand in Right to Work Vidalia, Louisiana, creating 36 new jobs!

“This is just the beginning of Louisiana’s efforts to help vehicle manufacturers leverage our state’s unique logistical advantages to meet increasing electric car and truck demand. […] We congratulate Syrah for its commitment to sustainability, and applaud their continued investment in rural Louisiana.” […]

“Congratulations to Syrah Technologies and the people of Concordia Parish on this important economic development announcement. […] Syrah’s investment will continue to diversify and expand the economy of Central Louisiana and provide critically needed high-paying jobs. The company is solidifying its position in the global supply chain for the making of lithium ion batteries.”


Alliance Compressors:

Alliance Compressors is investing $45 million in order to expand in Right to Work Natchitoches, Louisiana. This will also create 78 new jobs!

“Alliance Compressors has been a proud contributor to the Natchitoches economy since 1998. This $45 million investment will improve and expand our operations in Natchitoches to meet the growing demand for energy efficient scroll compressors by the global air conditioning market. […] We look forward to moving ahead with this expansion and creating new job opportunities for area residents.” […]

“Alliance Compressors has generated economic activity and job growth in Natchitoches for more than 25 years. I am proud to announce this exciting next chapter.” […]

“It is always exciting to assist companies who have made long-term commitments of jobs and capital investment in North Louisiana by growing their operations here. […] This investment is a tangible demonstration of Alliance Compressors’ confidence that they will continue to be successful in Natchitoches Parish. Through the life of this project, we built stronger relationships with the company’s leadership and local partners. Great relationships are critical for us to continue to achieve economic development wins such as this.”


Louisiana Entertainment and Troubled Muse:

Louisiana Entertainment and Troubled Muse are adding a new location in Right to Work Shreveport, Louisiana, creating 53 new jobs!

“Troubled Muse is bringing a full-service VFX and animation creation studio to Shreveport. […] Our studio will offer these services to individual productions with a focus on bringing motion picture activity to Northwest Louisiana. We look forward to engaging with the local workforce here to fill the exciting jobs we are creating.” […]

“Troubled Muse is a welcome addition to the digital entertainment production capacity we are building in Northwest Louisiana. […] With our local partners, we remain committed to creating permanent, quality jobs for Louisiana residents in the digital and information technology sector. These are critical efforts, as we cannot afford to be left behind in the establishment of tomorrow’s high-paying information technology jobs.”


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