Right to Work Michigan Businesses Still Expanding

Businesses are expanding in Right to Work Michigan. And they don’t seem to be minor expansions either. In fact, Billerud is investing as much as $1 billion. Meanwhile, Pfizer is investing $750 million. Axis Automation also has exciting plans for the state! Read on in order to learn more.


Billerud is investing $1 billion in order to upgrade its facility in Right to Work Escanaba, Michigan. This will also create 1,240 new jobs!

“We thank the Michigan Strategic Fund board members for their recommendation that Billerud’s Escanaba Mill be designated as a Renaissance Zone. This designation is an important step forward in our plans to transform the mill into a world-class paperboard production facility.” […]

“We are excited to see the Michigan Strategic Fund approve a Forest Products Processing Renaissance Zone for Billerud today, and are grateful not only to the Strategic Fund for its support but to Quentin Messer and his team at the MEDC for its hard, thoughtful work to ensure the availability of this tool for Billerud. […] With the renaissance zone in place, it will permit Billerud and the state of Michigan to continue to work together to support this project in the Upper Peninsula and we look forward to continuing to be a partner to the company, the state and the community to secure this investment in our region.”



Pfizer is investing $750 million in order to expand in Right to Work Kalamazoo, Michigan. This will also create 300 new jobs!

“Pfizer’s continued investment in Michigan highlights the state’s leadership in life sciences and medical device manufacturing and our commitment to growing high-wage tech jobs to strengthen economic opportunity for Michiganders. […] We’re thrilled to be celebrating Pfizer’s latest commitment in Michigan, which marks its second in 2022, as they create good-paying jobs for our friends and neighbors here in Portage, in nearby Kalamazoo, and all throughout the Southwest Michigan region. Congratulations to the team at Pfizer. We cannot wait to see and support your continued success in 2022 and beyond.”


Axis Automation:

Axis Automation is investing $5.7 million in order to expand in Right to Work Walker, Michigan. This will also create 50 new jobs!

“Congratulations to the team at Axis Automation on your continued growth and success! We’re pleased to support your expansion in Michigan and appreciate this vote of confidence in the strength of our talented workforce and attractive business climate. […] We are grateful to the Governor, bi-partisan members of the Legislature and local officials for their continued support of the Jobs Ready Michigan Program, which is designed to respond to specific needs of companies like Axis Automation that are creating high-wage, high-skill jobs for Michiganders. We’re proud to join our local partners to create these high-tech STEM jobs here and look forward to working Axis Automation to grow, add even more jobs, and provide greater employment and entrepreneurial opportunity for our friends and neighbors in West Michigan.” […]

“Axis Automation is an incredibly experienced team of manufacturing and technology integration professionals. […] Their decision to stay in the area helps us continue our work of advancing manufacturers through technology integration and establishing our region as the next tech hub of the Midwest. We’re excited that they can continue to grow their team here in West Michigan.”


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