Right to Work Michigan Proud of Its Latest Investments!

UL Solutions and Lear Corporation are two companies that are choosing to invest in Right to Work Michigan. UL Solutions has plans to add a new location. Meanwhile, Lear Corporation is upgrading three of its Michigan facilities. Read on so you can find out more about how these will positively impact the economy.

UL Solutions:

UL Solutions is investing $72.7 million in order to add a new facility in Right to Work Auburn Hills, Michigan. This will also mean 61 new jobs!

“The projects approved today build on our statewide leadership in advanced and EV manufacturing, bring good jobs to Michigan residents, support vibrant communities, and help increase growth opportunities for businesses ranging from start-ups to established companies, and better prepare our state to compete for business attraction opportunities.” […]

“Companies up and down the supply chain are developing cutting-edge EV battery and mobility technology in the Detroit Region at a remarkable speed. […] As EV technology gets increasingly complex so will regulations and safety standards. UL Solutions is going to help companies bring innovative battery and EV products to market safely and is a great addition to our world-class automotive and mobility testing grounds.”


Lear Corporation:

Lear Corporation is investing $112.5 million in order to upgrade three of its facilities in Right to Work Michigan. This will also create 500 new jobs.

“Whenever a company like Lear has operations elsewhere, you’re always in a pitch battle to make sure that when they’re making resource allocation decisions, those resources come to Michigan. […] This is important because Lear has been here since 1917, and we can’t take for granted that if we don’t go out and earn it everyday, they’re going to be here for over another 100 years. We have to be flexible and see ourselves as partners to our existing companies and earn their business daily.” […]

“Lear Corporation is a longstanding and significant member of our regional manufacturing sector. […] With the support of our community and the MEDC, this expansion will provide significant economic value to our regional economy and is an important next step in growing the segment of our workforce engaged in advanced and high-technology manufacturing.”


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