Right to Work North Carolina Companies are Expanding

Several companies are expanding soon in Right to Work North Carolina. This is likely because North Carolina’s Right to Work laws create benefits for companies that make expansion and job creation easier. Some of the most recent expansions in Right to Work North Carolina include Pisgah Laboratories and Merchants Distributors, as well as PBV. Read on so you can learn more!

Pisgah Laboratories:

Pisgah Laboratories is investing $55 million in order to expand in Right to Work Transylvania County, North Carolina, creating 57 new jobs.

“We are excited to begin this expansion of Pisgah Labs. […] We are grateful for the support from North Carolina and Transylvania County. Our parent company, Ipca Laboratories Limited, is making a large investment in Pisgah’s future. Carving a space in the highly competitive pharmaceutical market is not an easy task, but we welcome the challenge and intend to see many years of company growth, job creation and education opportunities for Pisgah Labs and western North Carolina.” […]

“Pisgah Labs shares our economic development strategy which prioritizes creative partnerships with an emphasis on workforce training. […] As a leader in pharmaceutical manufacturing and with our robust network of research institutions, North Carolina has the right formula to support thriving life sciences companies.”


Merchants Distributors:

Merchants Distributors is investing $25 million in order to expand in Right to Work Hickory, North Carolina. This will also create 125 new jobs!

“Businesses that call North Carolina home continue to thrive here. […] MDI knows firsthand the workforce, business and quality of life advantages North Carolina offers and it is great to see them grow once again in our state.” […]

“It’s exciting to see a home-grown company continue to do so well in our state. […] As our First in Talent strategic plan makes clear, North Carolina will continue to invest in our people and their training so we can maintain our best-in-class workforce that meets the needs of growing companies like MDI.”



PBV is expanding in Right to Work Winston-Salem, North Carolina as a result of a $35 million investment. This will also create 10 new jobs!

“This investment is a promise to our customers and consumers that we will continue to meet their beverage needs and demonstrates our long-term commitment to the region and the State of North Carolina. […] We’re excited about the opportunities that this new line will afford us as we focus on innovation and improving efficiencies. This investment allows us to continue operating at our best and ensures stable and well-paying jobs for years to come.” […]

“Staying connected to the needs of our customers and consumers is at the forefront of how PBV runs its operations. […] Running our operations responsibly and sustainably is paramount. This new line incorporates the latest bottling technology, allowing us to keep up with demand while remaining good stewards in communities where we operate. I’m very proud of this investment and what we’re able to deliver to our customers and consumers.”


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