Right to Work North Carolina Sees Business Expansions

Here are two companies that are investing in expansions in the state of North Carolina. Thermo Fisher Scientific is investing $500 million toward an expansion in Greenville. Meanwhile, Huvepharma is investing $1.9 million toward an expansion in Scotland County. Altogether, these two will be creating 510 new jobs for the state. So this will have a positive impact on the North Carolina economy.

Read on to see what’s being said about these expansions!

Thermo Fisher Scientific

Thermo Fisher Scientific:

“We are excited by the news of Thermo Fisher’s investment in their Greenville facility[. This] further strengthens Greenville and Pitt County’s legacy as a hub of pharmaceutical production. […] Our area has more than 2,000 people working in pharmaceutical manufacturing occupations[. That] is a concentration 12 times higher than the United States.”



“North Carolina’s focus on building a well-trained biotech workforce continues to pay dividends in new jobs and new investments like Huvepharma’s announcement today in Scotland County.” […]

“North Carolina’s leadership in the biotechnology industry is recognized across the world. […] Once again, a global leader has selected our state for an expansion of their business, and I welcome Huvepharma[…] and [their] continued confidence in our state.”


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