Right to Work North Carolina Sees Economic Growth

Right to Work North Carolina’s economy is constantly growing and improving, and these three businesses are proof of it. Three businesses that are investing in the state include POLYWOOD, Smart Wires, and Glen Raven. POLYWOOD and Glen Raven already have locations here, and will therefore be expanding in their respective locations. Meanwhile, Smart Wires is locating headquarters in Durham. Altogether, these companies will create 755 new jobs for the state. So this is great news!

Read on to learn more about each of these investments.


POLYWOOD is expanding soon in Right to Work Roxboro, North Carolina with a $61.6 million investment. This will also create 300 new jobs!

“We are excited to expand our operations in North Carolina. […] The community has embraced POLYWOOD and we have been able to build an excellent workforce. We look forward to continuing our growth in the state and in Person County.” […]

“Innovative companies like POLYWOOD thrive in rural North Carolina. […] This additional investment in Person County proves our state has what it takes to support the growth and business needs of our manufacturers, both today and in the future.” […]

“North Carolina’s leadership in manufacturing shines bright once again with today’s decision. […] POLYWOOD’s new jobs and new investment are the fruits of our state’s hard work to develop a skilled, diverse workforce and a top flight business climate.”


Smart Wires:

Smart Wires is investing $21.5 million in order to add headquarters in Right to Work Durham, North Carolina. This will also create 250 new jobs!

“With the rapidly increasing demand for grid enhancing technologies around the world, we’re at a critical inflection point in our journey. This move to the Research Triangle area provides the ideal support for rapid and sustained growth, and better positioning for our global customer base, and manufacturing and supply chain partnerships. […] We’re excited for this next major chapter in our company’s history. And, we’re looking forward to being part of the vibrant and innovative business community of North Carolina.” […]

“North Carolina’s transition to a clean energy economy enhances our reputation as a forward looking, attractive business location. […] Smart Wires’ selection of the Research Triangle for its headquarters shows our state has the skilled workforce and public policies to support one of the most promising new industries of the 21st Century. We welcome this innovative company to our state.” […]

“High technology companies know what they’re looking for in today’s dynamic marketplace for talent.”


Glen Raven:

Glen Raven is expanding in Right to Work Warren County, North Carolina as a result of an $82 million investment. This will then create 205 new jobs!

“Ever since Glen Raven was founded in the great state of North Carolina in 1880, we’ve invested in our communities and have celebrated many accomplishments together. […] We look forward to building on this legacy as we further grow and strengthen both Warren County and Glen Raven for the future.” […]

“Companies that already do business in rural North Carolina know the advantages of communities like Warren County. […] Glen Raven’s experience here provides the confidence they need that our workforce, transportation systems and business climate will best support this next phase of growth for their company.” […]

“Manufacturers like Glen Raven are key economic engines in the rural parts of our state. […] North Carolina’s continued focus on talent and workforce development means companies in communities large and small will find the skilled workers they need to succeed.”


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