Right to Work North Carolina Welcomes Many New Businesses!

North Carolina is welcoming many new businesses, no doubt as a result of the Right to Work laws here. The most recent business investments are coming from Boom Supersonic and Innosonian America, as well as Montauk Ag Renewables. Read on in order to learn more about each new business location!

Boom Supersonic:

Boom Supersonic is investing $500 million in order to add a new location in Right to Work Greensboro, North Carolina. This will create 1,750 new jobs!

“It is both poetic and logical that Boom Supersonic would choose the state that’s first in flight for its first manufacturing plant. […] Like the success of the Wright Brothers at Kitty Hawk, this innovative company will succeed by transforming passenger air travel with speed and sustainable energy.” […]

“We are delighted that Boom recognized North Carolina’s investments and commitment to become an aerospace manufacturing and research hub, and our highly qualified and motivated workforce will now have another avenue to further their careers here in the state.”


Innosonian America:

Innosonian America is investing $345,000 in order to relocate to Right to Work Youngsville, North Carolina. This will create 34 new jobs!

“It’s good to kick off economic recruitment in 2022 with important jobs in rural North Carolina created by global company Innosonian. […] North Carolina’s world class workforce, location and quality of life can meet this innovative company’s needs.” […]

“Innosonian’s decision to bring their North American facility to our state is indicative of our business-friendly environment, skilled workforce, and resilient community support. […] North Carolina’s talent and location continue to make our state a top location for growing companies like Innosonian to excel.”


Montauk Ag Renewables:

Montauk Ag Renewables is adding a new location soon in Right to Work Sampson County, North Carolina. This will also create 70 new jobs.

“We are very excited to be working to open a facility in Sampson County and believe it’s a great place for our business to take the next step in our development. […] We look forward to working with the County, and the great people living there, to offer quality, stable jobs, while working to positively impact the environment.” […]

“Montauk Ag Renewables aligns well with our growing renewable energy cluster across Southeast, North Carolina. We look forward to supporting Sampson County’s continued economic development successes and promoting our 18-county region as a place of choice to do business.”


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