Right to Work Oklahoma Welcomes 300 New Jobs

Companies tend to choose Right to Work states over Forced-Unionism states because they benefit from them more. But it’s not just the companies that benefit. When businesses choose to invest in Right to Work states, they create lots of new job opportunities that boost the economy overall. Two of the most recent companies investing in Right to Work Oklahoma include Flogistix and Northern Data. Both of these will be establishing operations within the state. And as a result, they will create a total of 300 new jobs.

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Flogistix is establishing operations in Right to Work El Reno, Oklahoma. As a result, this will create 150 new jobs for the area!

“With this new facility, Flogistix will be able to meet the high demand for our products. […] Our VRUs and data-driven technology are crucial in helping the oil and gas industry reduce methane emissions, increase revenue, and stay compliant with increasing government regulations. As a company headquartered in Oklahoma, we are dedicated to this state. We are proud to invest in El Reno and its people, and we are committed to a long-term presence in the community.” […]

“We are fortunate to have a company like Flogistix expanding into our community providing good quality jobs to our citizens. […] The city of El Reno is happy to be partnering with Flogistix on this endeavor and knows the resources available including our outstanding CV Tech will provide support and opportunities to this project.”


Northern Data:

Northern Data is investing $270 million toward new headquarters in Right to Work Pryor, Oklahoma. This will also create 150 new jobs!

“This investment is a considerable win for the Oklahoma Department of Commerce and our efforts to attract another high-growth company and partner of choice to the state. […] We have engaged with many HPC data center companies looking at Oklahoma. Northern Data is different. They have demonstrated a clear ‘best in class’ approach with their proven business model. Their initial investment and plans for significant future growth, along with a strong commitment to being a great corporate partner, makes Northern Data an outstanding addition to Oklahoma.” […]

“MidAmerica’s sole purpose since its inception in 1960 is to benefit Oklahoma and the local community by increasing employees’ wages, as well as increasing property tax values through capital investment.”


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