Right to Work Tennessee Welcomes Three New Businesses

Three businesses are coming to the state of Tennessee. Woods Air Movement has chosen Murfreesboro, CBE Companies will be residing in Clarksville, and Revance Therapeutics will soon be calling Nashville their new home. Altogether, these companies will be creating 677 new jobs across the state. So this just goes to show how Tennessee’s Right to Work economy provides opportunities for businesses and workers alike.

Read on to find out more about each company’s investment!

Woods Air Movement:

“As we enter into a new year, TNECD continues to recruit top global companies to do business in Tennessee. Woods Air Movement’s decision to locate its North American headquarters in our state underscores Tennessee’s pro-business environment, central location and talented workforce. We thank the company for investing and creating new family-wage jobs in Rutherford County.” […]

“TVA and Middle Tennessee Electric congratulate Woods Air Movement on its decision to locate operations in Murfreesboro. Helping to attract quality jobs and investment to the Valley is fundamental to TVA’s mission of service[.]”


CBE Companies:

“We are excited about the growth we are experiencing at CBE and the opportunity to expand our operations into the Clarksville area. […] The talented workforce in Clarksville and the support of the Clarksville Economic Development Council made this the perfect community for CBE to invest in and expand into so we can continue to grow our business.”


Revance Therapeutics:

“TVA and Nashville Electric Service congratulate Revance Therapeutics on its decision to locate its headquarters in Nashville. Helping to foster quality job opportunities and investment in the Valley is fundamental to TVA’s mission of service[. W]e are proud to partner with Nashville Area Chamber of Commerce and Tennessee Department of Economic and Community Development to help further that mission and celebrate this announcement.” 


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