Right to Work Virginia, a Home for Economic Growth

Companies investing in Right to Work Virginia include Massimo Zanetti and Hanley Energy, as well as LEGO and Nodal Exchange. The reason for these expansions is no doubt due to the economic benefits of this state, thanks to its Right to Work laws.

Read on so you can learn more about each investment!

Massimo Zanetti:

Massimo Zanetti Beverage is investing $29.1 million in order to expand in Right to Work Suffolk, Virginia. This will create 79 new jobs!

“The Commonwealth’s food and beverage industry is a powerhouse for our economy that employs more than 42,000 Virginians, and we are proud that a global brand like Massimo Zanetti Beverage continues its upward trajectory in the City of Suffolk and Hampton Roads. […] We congratulate all the partners involved in securing this expansion project that will create 79 new jobs and look forward to the company’s next chapter of growth in the Commonwealth.” […]

“Hampton Roads is fortunate that Massimo Zanetti Beverage USA is continuing to invest in Suffolk, also known as Virginia’s caffeine capital. […] The company’s corporate headquarters, roasting operations, and a newly constructed distribution center are all located in Suffolk, and it serves as a cornerstone of the region’s growing food and beverage cluster. We’d like to congratulate and thank our partners at Massimo Zanetti, the City of Suffolk, and the Virginia Economic Development Partnership for continuing to caffeinate the Hampton Roads economy.” […]

“It is always good news when a company chooses to reinvest here and does so, in part, because of the benefits it gets by moving its cargo across The Port of Virginia. […] Massimo Zanetti Beverage’s decision to expand in Suffolk highlights the pro-business environment in Virginia and the ancillary-type jobs that the port market creates. Our goal is to help Massimo Zanetti capitalize on our performance and grow its business. We look forward to serving as its international trade gateway for years to come.”


Hanley Energy:

Hanley Energy is investing $8 million toward an expansion in Right to Work Loudoun County, Virginia. This will also create 343 new jobs!

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank Governor Youngkin for taking the time to speak with senior leadership of Hanley Energy recently. […] We are greatly looking forward to moving into our new facility next month. This impressive facility will increase our output, range of products, and services to our ever-growing U.S. market. Additionally, I am delighted to announce that this manufacturing facility will expand our workforce by a further 300 + staff. Another ‘Good News’ story for Virginia and Loudoun County.” […]

“Hanley Energy chose Virginia as the site of its U.S. headquarters more than five years ago, thanks to Loudoun County’s global reputation as a data center destination. […] The company’s decision to again expand its capacity is a testament to the region’s business climate, infrastructure, and strong tech talent pipeline, which continues to attract and retain high-caliber corporate partners. We thank Hanley Energy for its continued investment and creating 343 quality jobs in Loudoun County.” […]

“It’s been incredibly exciting to watch Hanley Energy grow in Loudoun, from establishing their U.S. headquarters here in 2016 with 20 employees through this expansion to a new location and 343 new jobs. Hanley has been able to leverage the density of ‘Data Center Alley’ into a thriving and growing business. […] Clive Gilmore and his team have been great community partners, and we appreciate their continued investment in Loudoun County.”



LEGO Group is investing $1 billion toward a new location in Right to Work Chesterfield County, Virginia. This will also create 1,760 new jobs!

“The LEGO brand is a beloved brand for families across the world, their substantial investment and the creation of over 1,760 new jobs is a tremendous win for Virginia and Chesterfield County. […] The Commonwealth’s commitment to infrastructure, education, and workforce is paying dividends, and we are confident the company will benefit from these efforts as it ramps up its U.S. manufacturing plant. We are thrilled to welcome the LEGO Group to Virginia and look forward to the company’s growth in the Commonwealth and the U.S.” […]

“Everything is indeed awesome about the LEGO Group selecting Greater Richmond, and specifically Chesterfield County, for their newest manufacturing facility. […] The LEGO Group’s combination of creativity and sustainable business practices is a perfect fit for our region and we’re happy to help them build for tomorrow.”


Nodal Exchange:

Nodal Exchange is investing $300,000 in order to expand in Right to Work Fairfax County, Virginia. This will also create 37 new jobs!

“Nodal Exchange was founded in Fairfax County, which we believe is an ideal location for attracting and retaining an outstanding professional team necessary for operating a derivatives exchange and clearing house, and we are thrilled to be able to continue to grow and further expand here. It is a wonderful location with a highly educated and diverse workforce. […] It is also centrally located for our trading and clearing community and in close proximity to our regulators in Washington, D.C.” […]

“The Commonwealth breeds innovation and we are committed to fostering an environment that encourages the success of entrepreneurs like Nodal Exchange, which has grown from a startup to a thriving Virginia business in 15 years. […] The advantages of a Fairfax County location attract and retain leading firms, and a renowned workforce remains one of its greatest assets. We thank Nodal Exchange for its commitment to the Commonwealth and look forward to a continued partnership.” […]

“We are honored to have Nodal Exchange continue to call Fairfax County home. […] Companies like Nodal Exchange expanding their operations here not only speak to our strong innovation ecosystem but also the unparalleled access to top talent we provide.”


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