Right to Work Virginia Companies Are Constantly Expanding

Companies are expanding in Virginia as a result of its Right to Work laws. A few of the most recent expansions are coming from Axxor and Scholle IPN, as well as Birdsong Peanuts and Virongy Biosciences. Read on in order to learn more.


Axxor is investing $3.5 million in order to expand in Right to Work Pittsylvania County, Virginia. This will also create 21 new jobs.

“When selecting the location for its production facility in North America in 2011, Axxor believed the support offered by the state and local leadership to be the strongest in the region. […] Since beginning production in 2012, the state and local communities have delivered on those promises made in 2011 and now again supported our next phase with a competitive package. For this reason, continuing its expansion in Ringgold was a logical choice. Once again, Axxor is appreciative of the continued partnership with state and local officials to support economic development. We are proud to call Danville home.” […]

“Axxor established its U.S. operation in Pittsylvania County over 10 years ago with a vision for success, and it is exciting to see that dream exceed expectations as the company has outgrown its capacity and created a product that is in high demand. […] We thank Axxor for its continued confidence in the Commonwealth and for providing an economic boost to Southern Virginia.” […]

“It is often said that an existing industry is the lifeblood of a community. […] The pursuit of quality and efficiency perpetuates everything they do inside the manufacturing plant and in our region. Our region is stronger because of Axxor’s presence, and we look forward to continuing to grow together.”


Scholle IPN:

Scholle IPN is investing $31.1 million in order to expand in Right to Work Smyth County, Virginia. This will create 75 new jobs as a result!

“Southwest Virginia has truly become an advanced manufacturing corridor and we are proud to continue to invest in the region. By committing over $30 million in the expansion of our Chilhowie, Virginia, facility, we not only better serve the needs of our customers across North America, we also ensure that Chilhowie and the State of Virginia remain at the forefront of our sustainable packaging capabilities, said Ross Bushnell, Scholle IPN President.” […]

“We are pleased that Scholle IPN has chosen to expand production in Smyth County[…]. The company’s investment is a strong testament to Southwest Virginia’s skilled workforce and competitive business costs that attract and retain leading manufacturers. We thank Scholle for its contribution to the region’s economic revitalization, and look forward to the creation of 75 new jobs in Smyth County.”


Birdsong Peanuts:

Birdsong Peanuts is expanding soon in Right to Work Suffolk, Virginia. In order to do this, the company is investing $25.1 million.

“Birdsong Peanuts chose to reinvest in Suffolk because our corporate headquarters is here, there is a thriving peanut producer base here, there is good access to domestic and export markets, and also because of the region’s talented workforce.” […]

“Birdsong Peanuts helped make the Virginia peanut an iconic product shared around the globe, and we celebrate the company’s continued success and growth in the Commonwealth. […] This expansion is a strong testament to the City of Suffolk’s agricultural resources, access, and talent, and we look forward to the next chapter in Birdsong’s 100+-year history in Virginia.” […]

“The Virginia peanut is perhaps the Commonwealth’s most famous contribution to world cuisine and few families have done more than the Birdsongs in bringing Virginia peanuts to the world. […] It is always a cause to celebrate when we see companies make major investments into the infrastructure that supports Virginia’s farmers, but this is especially true when that investment is being made by a homegrown, family-owned business in support of one of our most iconic agricultural products. I thank the Birdsong family for their commitment to the Commonwealth and look forward to their next 100 years of growth and success.”


Virongy Biosciences:

Virongy Biosciences is expanding in Prince William County, Virginia with a $471,000 investment. This will also create 70 new jobs.

“Virongy Biosciences Inc. chose Virginia as its company location mainly because it is inside the rapid-growing biotech park of Prince William County, and right beside the Science and Technology Campus of George Mason University.” […]

“Virongy’s expansion in Prince William County reinforces the region’s robust industry talent, world-class education institutions, and advanced culture of innovation that supports the company’s mission. […] We thank Virongy for creating valuable jobs while improving the health of our communities, and look forward to its continued growth in Virginia.”


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