Right to Work Wisconsin Winning Economically

Right to Work Wisconsin is winning economically as a result of its Right to Work laws. In fact, three businesses are investing here. These are Wikoff Color Corporation, Georgia-Pacific, and OpenGov. Two of these are expanding soon, and one of them is adding a new location. Find out which by reading on!

Wikoff Color Corporation:

Wikoff Color Corporation is adding a new location soon in Right to Work Lisbon, Wisconsin. This will create 25 new jobs!

“We know that Wisconsin is a really big hub for the packaging industry, a lot of our customers are concentrated there.” […]

“The investment by Wikoff Color solidifies the company’s continued commitment to Wisconsin and is a testament to the strength of our manufacturing industry. […] This investment is the latest example of the many forward-looking companies choosing to expand operations in Wisconsin because of our state’s lead in flexible packaging and our strength in the food-and-beverage sector.”



Georgia-Pacific is investing $500 million in order to expand in Right to Work Green Bay, Wisconsin. This will also create 150 new jobs!

“This truly is an investment in our customers and consumers who value the quality of our products. […] We appreciate the local community, Brown County, state officials and all of our employees’ hard work and efforts to continue making our Green Bay Broadway mill more competitive for the long-term.” […]

“This significant investment demonstrates our commitment to Georgia-Pacific’s consumer business, our hard-working teams and our current and potential customers. […] It also allows us to further leverage the many advantages we have, including our breadth of offerings, excellence in manufacturing operations, commitment to quality and focus on research and development to create products that consumers value.”



OpenGov is expanding soon in Right to Work Milwaukee, Wisconsin with a $400,000 investment. This will also create 65 new jobs!

“It is a young, exciting workspace. […] We are building a culture and excitement that’s stereotypical of Silicon Valley. OpenGov is taking an industry that had been largely underserved by technology and helping to provide not only a better work experience for government employees but also, better services to citizens.” […]

“OpenGov is exactly the kind of company we want in southeastern Wisconsin. […] The company’s success and decision to continue to expand here affirms our ability to compete for investment from tech-based companies that require highly educated and motivated employees.”


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