The Latest Establishments and Headquarters in RTW Virginia

Companies are choosing Right to Work Virginia over others, so you’ll find lots of companies headquartered here. The latest businesses that are either establishing operations or locating headquarters in Right to Work Virginia are RapidFlight and Pangiam, as well as Enabled Intelligence. Read on in order to learn more.


RapidFlight is investing $5.5 million in order to establish operations in Right to Work Manassas, Virginia. This will also create 119 new jobs!

“Virginia is an important state, providing unique access to decision makers, a world-class workforce, unmanned test infrastructure, and an advanced materials industry. […] There is something for everyone in Virginia whether you love history, exploring nearby parks, or attending a local concert or sporting event. It is a beautiful state to live, work, and raise a family. RapidFlight is proud to be a Virginia company.” […]

“Virginia is uniquely positioned to lead the unmanned systems industry, and RapidFlight is on the cutting edge of developments in this innovative technology sector. We look forward to supporting the company’s growth in the City of Manassas. […] Since day one we’ve declared that Virginia is open for business, and businesses such as RapidFlight are a prime example of the success and growth that businesses can achieve in the Commonwealth.”

“RapidFlight’s advances in the unmanned aerospace industry and the creation of 119 jobs of the future deserve recognition, and we are proud of the company’s vision and success. […] The ability to recruit top talent is the lifeblood of forward-thinking businesses in the Commonwealth, and we look forward to supporting RapidFlight’s job creation in this next phase of growth.”



Pangiam is investing $3.1 million in order to add headquarters in Right to Work Fairfax County, Virginia. This will mean 201 additional jobs!

“We chose Virginia as our headquarters for a variety of reasons. First, it’s home. Our leadership team is either from Virginia or built their careers and families here, so it was only right to build and try to contribute to the local community when we started Pangiam.” […]

“Pangiam’s decision to officially join Virginia’s corporate roster is another boost for the Commonwealth’s thriving technology industry, which boasts the highest concentration of its workers in the United States. […] We thank the company for developing critical security software that helps keep our nation safe and for creating 201 new jobs in Fairfax County.”


Enabled Intelligence:

Enabled Intelligence is investing $1.4 million toward expanding headquarters in Right to Work Fairfax County, Virginia, creating 117 new jobs.

“The Commonwealth boasts the highest concentration of technology workers in the nation, and Northern Virginia continues to attract and retain top talent that propels the growth of emerging tech businesses like Enabled Intelligence. […] We thank the company for creating 117 high-quality jobs and contributing to the Commonwealth’s growth in the artificial intelligence sector.”


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