These Businesses are Choosing Right to Work Kentucky

Kentucky is seeing an influx of economic development right now, due in part to its Right to Work laws. The most recent Right to Work Kentucky investments are coming from companies such as Carter Lumber, Precision Sonar & Outdoors, and Henderson Distilling Co. Read on in order to learn more about how this investments will positively impact the economy!

Carter Lumber:

Carter Lumber is investing $8.1 million in order to expand and create 86 new jobs in Right to Work Bowling Green, Kentucky.

“We are proud to be a part of the Bowling Green community and are committed to helping it recover and thrive. […] This new facility is just one way we can contribute to the rebuilding efforts and ensure the growth of our Carter Lumber operations and the many builders we service in the area to rebuild stronger and better than before.” […]

“Kentucky is home to some of the strongest and most resilient people anywhere. […] While we are still healing from the damage of the 2021 tornadoes, we are building back stronger than ever. This commitment from Carter Lumber to not just rebuild, but to expand their business under these circumstances is a testament to the spirit of the commonwealth and what makes Kentucky so special. I am looking forward to Carter Lumber’s continued success in Bowling Green.”


Precision Sonar & Outdoors:

Precision Sonar & Outdoors is expanding in Right to Work Benton, Kentucky with a $2.2 million investment. They will also create 12 new jobs!

“The economic momentum we are seeing throughout Kentucky is the result of incredible growth among our largest and most vital industries, and manufacturing is at the center of that growth. […] We continually see quality companies such as Precision Sonar & Outdoors expanding to meet growing customer demand, and that is a recipe for long-term success for our economy. I want to thank the company’s leadership for their belief in the commonwealth and look forward to its continued growth in our state.” […]

“On behalf of Kentucky Lake Economic Development, we are thrilled Precision Sonar has decided to expand their facility here in Marshall County. […] Their investment and job creation will have a significant impact on our community. We look forward to watching their future growth and success.”


Henderson Distilling Co:

Henderson Distilling Co. is investing $5 million in order to add a new location and create 12 new jobs in Right to Work Henderson County, Kentucky.

“The Henderson Distilling Co. is excited to bring this project to Henderson and rekindle the robust pre-Prohibition history of such a beautiful community.” […]

“This investment by Henderson Distilling Co. adds momentum to the commonwealth’s always growing signature bourbon industry. […] Henderson Distilling Co. is a welcome addition to the community and will continue to set Kentucky apart as the world’s leading producer of bourbon. I want to thank the leaders of Henderson Distilling Co. for their vision to grow in Kentucky, and I look forward to seeing their success.”


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