These Businesses are Locating to Right to Work Texas

Plenty of businesses are finding themselves in Right to Work Texas as a result of the state’s economic benefits. The most recent of these are Iron Ox and Camfil USA, as well as Lancium. Each company will be investing millions, if not billions into the state’s economy. They will also create lots of new jobs. So this is exciting news!

Read on in order to learn more about each investment.

Iron Ox:

Iron Ox is adding a new location soon in Right to Work Lockhart, Texas. In order to do this, they are investing $100 million.

“Companies like Iron Ox are making a difference in small town local economies in Texas. That’s why I’m so proud to have them as a GO TEXAN partner. […] Iron Ox has chosen to grow with Lockhart. As a result, our Texas agricultural economy will benefit from their expansion. To many, Bar-B-Q helped put Lockhart on the national stage. Now, thanks to Iron Ox, Lockhart can be known as a center for agricultural innovation, and a trend setter in the future of agriculture in both Texas and the nation.”


Camfil USA:

Camfil USA is investing $50 million in order to add a new location in Right to Work Kilgore, Texas. This will then create 200 new jobs!

“We extend our most sincere thanks to the KEDC and everyone in the community who has supported our plans to develop this new facility. […] Our air filtration and clean air solutions business has been robust for more than a decade and this new facility will help us improve service levels in the Southwest Region and continue growing.” […]

“Camfil is an impressive company, and it is an honor they have chosen Kilgore as its newest operating location. […] The company’s operation adds value to Kilgore in a number of ways. It is a high-impact project for capital investment and job creation that diversifies our economy and strengthens an international presence here. Camfil is a welcome addition to Kilgore and Synergy Park.”



Lancium is investing $2.4 billion in order to add a new location in Right to Work Abilene, Texas. This will also create 57 new jobs for the area.

“We are very proud to be part of the community and build one of our flagship Clean Campuses in Abilene. […] We chose Abilene for our second Clean Campus because of its ideal location, proximity to abundant wind and solar generation, high-quality workforce and the opportunities to grow in the future.” […]

“Lancium’s development is a tremendous opportunity to ensure the viability of the community for years to come through the diversification of our economy. […] Over the next 20-years, this project is estimated to bring $993.4 million in total projected economic impact to Taylor County and the City of Abilene. This is the exact kind of opportunity the DCOA is tasked to find and win for our community.”


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