Thursday Fireworks: Wisconsin Gov. Walker and Right to Work Prez Mark Mix on Rep. Issa’s Oversight Committee Hearing Panel

Expect Big Labor Democrats in Washington, DC to be in full attack mode on Thursday during U.S. Rep. Darrell Issa’s House Oversight Committee hearing, “State And Municipal Debt: Tough Choices Ahead.”

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker is coming to Washington just after winning his multi-week battle with Big Labor that gave, among other things, state government employees the choice to pay a union or not. Gov. Walker’s and the WI Legislature’s action undid decades of compulsory unionism that forced all state government employees to handover money to unions or lose their job; essentially conscripting employees into the union. Many union bosses in Wisconsin are terrified that current forced-dues payers will opt out of the union. Walker is no stranger to union boss pressures, as mayor, he fought several battles with Big Labor.

National Right to Work President Mark Mix has personally fought hundreds of political battles and is currently engaged in several with Big Labor Bosses across the country. Since 1955, The National Right to Work Committee has been the prime architect that kept Big Labor at bay while clawing back freedom from compulsory unionism in states like Oklahoma and its passage of its Right to Work law that makes it illegal to force people to pay tributes to union bosses in order to keep or get a job.

No doubt, Big Labor operatives are busy creating talking points and questions for their Democrat congressional committee members. Or, perhaps they are planning another recent favorite tactic of Big Labor Democrats – fleeing to Illinois.

It is safe to say that having Walker and Mix at the same hearing is quite a turnaround from last year; Speaker Nancy Pelosi most certainly would have prevented their voices of freedom from being heard in any congressional hearing room.

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