Virgin Galactic and Others Locate to Right to Work Arizona

Companies are choosing to locate to Arizona over others as a result of its Right to Work laws. Some of the most recent examples are Raven Industries, Virgin Galactic, and Insight Enterprises. These companies will help further the economy and also create new jobs.

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Raven Industries:

Raven Industries has recently opened a new location in Right to Work Scottsdale, Arizona. This will also create 50 new jobs!

“As we continued to consider our growing needs for AI and machine learning development, it became clear that we needed a specialized space to accomplish our goals, and the Phoenix metro area emerged as the ideal place to do this.” […]

“We are excited Raven Industries has chosen Scottsdale for its tech-forward engineering center. […] Raven Industries’ new office furthers Arizona’s leadership as an automated vehicle innovation center while creating more jobs in the agritech industry and advancing new technologies.”


Virgin Galactic:

Virgin Galactic is adding a new manufacturing facility in Right to Work Mesa, Arizona. This will create hundreds of new jobs as a result.

“Our spaceship final assembly factory is key to accelerating the production of our Delta fleet, enabling a rapid increase in flight capacity that will drive our revenue growth. […] We’re thrilled to expand into the greater Phoenix area which is home to outstanding aerospace talent, and we look forward to growing our team and fleet at our new facility.” […]

“Arizona is a growing innovation hub, geographically situated between our existing operations in Southern California and New Mexico. […] This will allow us to accelerate progress from conceptual design to production to final assembly at scale as we capitalize on the many advantages Mesa and the Greater Phoenix area offer.”


Insight Enterprises:

Insight Enterprises has just opened a new location in Right to Work Chandler, Arizona, which will serve as its global headquarters.

“Insight Way is designed to be a center of innovation excellence. The technology allows us to transition effortlessly between work at home and in the office. […] This is a place where group problem-solving and creativity can thrive, everything intentionally revolves around networking and movement to inspire the type of teamwork and productivity that generates the best solutions for our clients.”

Insight Enterprises has grown from a garage business originally selling computer hard drives into one of Arizona’s top five companies, a $9.4 billion provider of solutions spanning all aspects of modern IT that transform the world’s top brands into digitally driven businesses. The company has grown to nearly 12,000 employees across 19 countries.

“We are proud Insight has opened its innovative global headquarters in Chandler. […] An admired global company, and one with Arizona roots, Insight has been at the forefront of innovation for over 30 years. Insight’s new headquarters will continue to drive economic growth, furthering Arizona as a premier destination for technology.”


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