What Businesses are Coming to Right to Work Georgia?

Four businesses are investing in Right to Work Georgia. They include SK Holdings C&C, KIRCHHOFF Automotive, Adecco Group, and Integrated Fiber Solutions.

All of these with the exception of Integrated Fiber Solutions, are adding new locations somewhere in the state. SK Holdings C&C and Adecco Group will be investing in US Headquarters. SK Holdings C&C’s will be in Duluth while Adecco Group’s will be in Atlanta. Meanwhile, KIRCHHOFF Automotive will be adding a new location in Lawrenceville. Integrated Fiber Solutions, on the other hand, will be expanding its location in Rome, Georgia.

Altogether these investments will create many new jobs all across the state. Read on to find out more about each company’s investment!

SK Holdings C&C:

“Georgia has become a hub for both technology and for Korean investment. […] We thank our partners in Gwinnett County for their support in bringing SK holdings C&C to Georgia and look forward to our continued partnership with SK Group as they create jobs and opportunities in the state.”


KIRCHHOFF Automotive:

“In addition to our many tangible assets, KIRCHHOFF Automotive choosing to establish their assembly facility in Gwinnett is another example of the ways our local and international partnerships translate into jobs and opportunities for Georgians.”


Adecco Group:

“We look forward to building a hub in Atlanta, where talent, diversity, technology and innovation are thriving. […] As we embark on this next chapter, we have a clear focus on our purpose to make the future work for everyone, as well as the long-term growth and development of our business, our people and our customers.” […]

“Adecco Group North America will remain a significant community and corporate partner with their business services center and more than 600 employees in the Jacksonville region.”


Integrated Fiber Solutions:

“Integrated Fiber Solutions’ decision to expand in Rome is a testament to the state’s strong pipeline of skilled talent. […] Located in the heart of the flooring and synthetic fibers industry, I’m confident Integrated Fiber Solutions will be very pleased with their decision to continue growing their operations in Rome.”


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