What Businesses Are Investing in Right to Work South Carolina?

Four businesses that are planning investments in South Carolina include Pipeline Plastics, DHL Supply Chain, IMCS, and Mercedes-Benz.

Pipeline Plastics is adding a new location in Fair Bluff with a $4.6 million investment that will also create 44 new jobs. In addition, Mercedes-Benz is investing $59 million that will go toward developing the latest eSprinter Van in their facility in North Charleston. DHL Supply Chain and IMCS are both expanding in already-established locations.

DHL supply chain will be expanding in Cowpens with a $92.7 million investment which will create 249 new jobs. Meanwhile, IMCS is expanding in Richland County with a $4.1 million investment that will create 31 new jobs.

Altogether, Pipeline Plastics, DHL Supply Chain, IMCS, and Mercedes-Benz will all have a huge positive economic impact for their respective areas. So this is fantastic for South Carolina’s Right to Work economy. Read on to find out what people are saying about each individual investment!

Pipeline Plastics:

“North Carolina’s appeal as a center for manufacturing continues to attract companies from many different industries. […] Our focus on building a well-trained workforce, combined with North Carolina’s outstanding transportation networks and East Coast market access, offers companies like Pipeline Plastics the right ingredients for success.”


DHL Supply Chain:

“DHL Supply Chain is excited to once again partner with the state of South Carolina to grow our logistics presence in a very desirable market. We are a firm believer that our investment in the Palmetto State will further solidify our market leadership position in the supply chain and logistics industry.” […]



“Over the past several years, IMCS has experienced considerable success as a part of the Richland County business community. […] The tax incentives provided by the County will allow us to continue investing in people, capital equipment and facilities to expand our company and increase economic development in the County.” […]

“County Council is always eager to support growing businesses in Richland County, and it is especially exciting to watch a company like IMCS get its start here and achieve so much. […] The investment and new jobs IMCS is bringing to our community will benefit our residents and are evidence of the type of success businesses can achieve here.”



“We have decided to expand the next generation of the Mercedes-Benz eSprinter to a total of three locations in our strong global production network, thus creating optimal synergies. […] For the adjustment of production, we will invest around €50 million in each of the three plants. We will start production of the eSprinter successively from the second half of 2023.”


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