What Businesses are Investing in Right to Work Virginia?

There are four businesses that will soon be investing in the state of Virginia, where they have a robust Right to Work economy. These companies include Valley Guard Supply, Vytal Studios, Fortune Auto North America, and CMA CGM Group.

Of these businesses, three of them are adding new locations. These are Valley Guard Supply, Vytal Studios, and CMA CGM Group. Valley Guard Supply will be adding a new manufacturing facility in Harrisonburg. Meanwhile, Vytal Studios is relocating to Richmond and CMA CGM is adding new headquarters in Norfolk.

In addition, Fortune Auto North America will be expanding its current facility in Powhatan County.

Altogether, these four companies will create over 600 new jobs across various parts of the state. Read on to find out details about each investment!

Valley Guard Supply:

“We are excited to add this homegrown Virginia company to our roster[. We] thank Valley Guard Supply for creating 45 new jobs in the Shenandoah Valley.”


Vytal Studios:

“With one of the largest skilled tech workforces in the nation, Virginia continues to attract […] businesses like Vytal Studios. […] Central Virginia’s strong education system, talent pipeline, and quality of life have helped make our Commonwealth an epicenter of entrepreneurial activity and technology growth. We are thrilled to welcome Vytal Studios to the City of Richmond[. We t]hank this innovative company for bringing new jobs and opportunity to our capital city.”


Fortune Auto North America:

“Fortune Auto North America is a valuable Powhatan business that has experienced tremendous growth and success in its time here. […] The niche business is comprised of an innovative workforce that has created a desirable product line that is fast becoming an internationally known brand. We are [glad] to assist the company in its next steps as an expanding international company in Powhatan.”


CMA CGM Group:

“CMA CGM has thrived in Virginia for nearly two decades, and we are proud that this global leader will expand its operations in the Commonwealth. […] The retention of over 600 jobs and creation of more than 400 additional jobs is critical during these challenging times. We look forward to many more years of partnership with CMA CGM, and congratulate the company on its continued success.”


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