What Companies Are Investing In Right to Work Virginia?

Four businesses will soon be making investments in Right to Work Virginia if they haven’t already. These include Kreative Technologies, Afton Scientific, Smiley’s Ice Cream, and Crown Holdings Inc. Kreative Technologies will be expanding in Fairfax County, while Afton Scientific will be expanding in Albemarle County. Meanwhile, Smiley’s will be adding a new facility in Rockingham County and Crown Holdings will be adding a new facility in Henry County.

These new investments will, altogether, create hundreds of new jobs all across the state. read on to find out more about these investments.

Kreative Technologies:

“It is exciting to watch this tech startup company continue to expand in our Commonwealth. […] Virginia boasts the second-largest technology workforce in the nation[. So w]e are proud to support Kreative Technologies’ job creation through the Virginia Jobs Investment Program, a valuable resource that helps ensure a skilled labor pool for corporate partners as they grow.”


Afton Scientific:

“This expansion will allow Afton Scientific to grow its portfolio of important consumer healthcare products, ensuring the operation’s continued success in the Commonwealth. […] Afton Scientific is a valued employer in a thriving industry[. W] look forward to our continuing partnership with the company.”


Smiley’s Ice Cream:

“We are delighted to support this expansion by Smiley’s Ice Cream. […] The company’s commitment to investing in Virginia farmers and agricultural products will further strengthen this rural economy and create exciting new opportunities in Rockingham County for visitors and residents alike.”


Crown Holdings Inc:

“This project is much-needed good news as we work to create quality jobs during the pandemic.” […]

“This investment by Crown Holdings, Inc. in Henry County is an important addition to Virginia’s growing food and beverage packaging industry. […] We have invested in our terminals to better serve clients like Crown Holdings and its peers, and we look forward to helping this industry expand into new international markets.”


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