What Businesses are Investing in Right to Work North Carolina?

Three businesses are investing in Right to Work North Carolina. They include Ardagh Group and CARsgen Therapeutics, as well as eGourmet Solutions. Ardagh Group and eGourmet solutions are both expanding current North Carolina locations. Meanwhile, CARsgen Therapeutics is investing in a new location in Research Triangle Park.

Altogether, these companies will be investing $352.5 million toward the state’s economy. In addition, they will also create 334 new jobs.

Read on to find out more about each one of these investments!

Ardagh Group:

Ardagh Group is expanding in Right to Work Winston-Salem, North Carolina with a $195 million investment. This will also create 94 new jobs!

“This is an exciting investment in Forsyth County and our state. […] Ardagh’s decision to expand in North Carolina speaks to our skilled talent, strong community partnerships and manufacturing economy.” […]

“With the largest and most diverse manufacturing workforce in the Southeast, North Carolina has proven to be a great place for Ardagh to expand their operations. […] Ardagh’s confidence in North Carolina highlights our ability to support innovative companies with a diverse talent pipeline, a strong business climate and a convenient location.”


CARsgen Therapeutics:

CARsgen Therapeutics is investing $157 million toward its first North American biomanufacturing site, where they will create 200 new jobs.

“We are very excited to receive the JDIG grant approval from the State of North Carolina. […] CARsgen will continuously develop and embed innovations to advance the revolutionary CAR-T cell therapy for unmet clinical needs. The company has launched clinical studies of our leading CT053 and CT041 CAR-T cell therapies in the United States. The new facilities will expand our global cGMP manufacturing capacity to produce the innovative CAR-T cell products for the U.S. patients.” […]

“Global companies know that North Carolina is a world class leader in biotechnology. […] Our state’s skilled workers, educational institutions and business environment provide life science companies with the tools they need to succeed.” […]

“It’s exciting to see a company at the cutting-edge of science join our growing biotech industry cluster. […] From companies exploring gene therapies to the innovative work CARsgen is conducting with immune-oncology, there’s no question that North Carolina will continue to play an important role in the future of this industry and the many lives of those impacted by the life sciences sector.”


eGourmet Solutions:

eGourmet Solutions is expanding in Right to Work Wallace, North Carolina with a $500,000 investment. This will create 40 new jobs!

“eGourmet’s expansion is yet another example of North Carolina’s resilient economy. […] With our central East Coast location with more than 170 million customers within a day’s drive and our robust transportation infrastructure, logistics companies like eGourmet Solutions are on the road to long-term success.”

With three locations in the U.S., eGourmet Solutions is a leading national provider of e-commerce fulfillment services for frozen and refrigerated foods, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics.


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