What Companies are Expanding in Right to Work Alabama?

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Three businesses are expanding soon in Right to Work Alabama. They are Mohawk Industries, Trachte Building Systems, and Jo-Ann Stores. Mohawk Industries will be expanding in Roanoke, while Trachte is expanding in Vernon and Jo-Ann in Opelika. Altogether, these companies will create 230 new jobs. So this is great news for the Alabama economy! Read on to find out more about each investment.

Mohawk Industries:

Mohawk Industries is expanding soon in Right to Work Roanoke, Alabama. This will create 130 new jobs for Randolph County!

“Our yarn facilities are very important, as they start our carpet manufacturing process. […] When we decided to expand our yarn production to help meet customer demand, our Roanoke location was the perfect choice because of the talented workforce here and in the surrounding counties.” […]

“Mohawk’s growth plans are another example of the advantages offered in rural Alabama. […] The extensive activity that is abundant in our rural communities is [gaining recognition].” […]


Trachte Building Systems:

Trachte Building Systems is investing $11.5 million in order to expand in Right to Work Vernon, Alabama. This will create 70 new jobs as well!

“As an employee-owned company, we are very excited to welcome the teammates in Vernon to our company as fellow owners. […] We look forward to continuing to work with them as our Vernon operation will be an important part of our future.”

“Trachte’s expansion project in Lamar County will have a major impact on the local economy and its job creation will bring new opportunities to the hard-working citizens in Vernon. […] By selecting Sweet Home Alabama, I know the company has picked the right place to pursue its growth plans.”


Jo-Ann Stores:

Jo-Ann Stores is investing $7.7 million toward an expansion in Right to Work Opelika, Alabama. This will also create 30 new jobs!

“Jo-Ann’s need for additional capacity is indicative of the company’s success. We are fortunate to have them in Opelika and pleased they are bringing more job opportunities to our citizens. I’d like to thank the city council for approving the tax abatement for this project.”


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