What do Bonnie Plants and Engineered Plastics Have in Common?

Bonnie Plants and Engineered Plastics are both investing soon in new locations in Right to Work Alabama! Bonnie Plants will be locating in Union Springs while Engineered Plastics will be in Bessemer. Altogether, the two will create 135 new jobs. So this is great news for the economy!

Read on so you can find out more about each investment.

Engineered Plastics:

Engineered Plastic Components is investing over $8 million in order to add a new location in Right to Work Bessemer, Alabama, creating 75 new jobs.

“Alabama is attractive because of the automotive OEM and other customers in the area. […] We are expanding to provide the most efficient injection molding and thermoset processes to all automotive OEMs in the area.” […]

“Since locating within our region in 2014, Engineered Plastic Components has been a key member of our business community and its growth in our area has created a large number of quality jobs. […] We are excited to see the company continue that success with its second facility to be located in Bessemer.”


Bonnie Plants:

Bonnie Plants is investing in a new location in Union Springs, Alabama. this will create 60 new jobs for those in Bullock County!

“E-commerce has been one of the fastest-growing channels for Bonnie Plants for the past several years. […] This new expansion allows us to offer a best-in-class experience for distribution[…].”

“It is so exciting to see Bonnie Plants […] continuing to grow and expand with the changing culture. Their foresight and ability to adapt to the conditions and restraints we all found ourselves in through the pandemic is exceptional as they worked to meet the needs of people throughout their service area. […] They are a testament to the strength and long-standing economic successes of Bullock County.”


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