What Companies are Expanding in Right to Work Alabama?

Four businesses that are expanding in Alabama include Chart Industries, Coca-Cola, Red Land Cotton, and Packaging Corporation of America (PCA).

Chart Industries, as well as Coca-Cola, will be expanding in Mobile. Meanwhile, Red Land Cotton will be expanding in Lawrence County and PCA will be expanding in Clarke County. Altogether, these four businesses will be investing a total of $5.5.5 million. Each one will also be creating lots of new jobs for their respective areas. So this is some good news for Right to Work Alabama’s economy!

Chart Industries:

“The Mobile community is a great place for us to expand our business in part due to the accessibility of the Port of Mobile but more importantly, the highly-skilled talent that we are eager to add to the Chart family.” […]

“Chart is another example of a company that sees value in our area workforce and the community’s logistical assets that include the Port of Mobile. […] Our manufacturing sector continues to grow and prosper in our community.”



“I’m very happy that Coca-Cola Bottling UNITED is launching a growth project in Mobile and know that the company will continue to thrive in Sweet Home Alabama.”

“Coca-Cola Bottling is a long-time member of our community. We are so happy they chose Mobile for this significant investment. We can’t wait to see what they do in the next 100 years.”


Red Land Cotton:

“I believe that we have been smarter about our marketing on social media and search engines, and we have grown our product offerings allowing for several different points of entry to our brand.” […]

“We are honored to have Red Land Cotton in our community as a company that thrives on 100 percent American-made products, but has an impact throughout the world. […] Red Land Cotton is the perfect example of the American dream, and we are happy that the dream began in Lawrence County, Alabama.”


Packaging Corporation of America (PCA):

“Packaging Corp. of America’s reinvestment in its Jackson manufacturing facility will solidify the plant’s future by enhancing its competitiveness. […] This decision underlines the company’s confidence in its Alabama operation while also preserving jobs and safeguarding local education tax dollars. It’s a win for the company, the community and the state.” […]

“We’re committed to helping existing businesses grow and thrive in Alabama. The impact of a major investment is always magnified when in happens in rural communities. […] With this project, PCA is positioning its Jackson mill for the future, which will significantly benefit the city and the region for years to come.”


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