What Companies are Investing in Right to Work Alabama?

Four companies that will soon be making investments in Alabama include Ren Seafoods, Polyplex, SHOWA Group, and BioGX.

Ren Seafoods will be adding a new location in Mobile. Meanwhile, BioGX will be locating its new headquarters in Shelby County.

In addition, Polyplex will be expanding in Decatur, and SHOWA group will be expanding in Fayette.

Altogether, these four businesses will create ample job opportunities all across the state of Alabama. Read on to find out what’s being said about each investment!

Ren Seafoods:

“This project further cements Mobile as a prime location for logistics and warehousing. […] The project aligns with the Chamber’s economic development strategy to continue to grow Mobile’s logistics and distribution network, especially as it relates to containerized cargo through the Port of Mobile and APM Terminals.”



“Alabama is a welcoming home to companies from around the world. It’s great to see that Polyplex is including Decatur in its growth plans. […] Polyplex is making a significant investment in its Morgan County facility and solidifying its presence there with 100 new jobs. We look forward to seeing this company grow in Sweet Home Alabama.”


SHOWA Group:

“We’re just trying to get every single glove we can out the door to fight this pandemic. […] Every day, SHOWA’s Alabama facility produces around 1 million gloves made from a hypoallergenic synthetic rubber that serves as an alternative to latex. Thanks to an expansion project now nearing completion, that figure will double.” […]

“SHOWA Group has been a contributor to the Alabama economy for almost 50 years and has been a good friend and neighbor in Fayette. […] This expansion will help this Alabama plant modernize and begin production of new innovations in the disposable glove industry.” 



“BioGX has grown into a leading provider of molecular diagnostics, and its presence will continue to enhance our region’s growth in life science and medical diagnostics. […] We look forward to working with the team at BioGX on future growth opportunities.”


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