What do Ocean Bio-Chem, Valeo, and CRST Have in Common?

They are all investing in Right to Work Alabama! Ocean Bio-Chem will be expanding its current facility in Montgomery while Valeo North America will be doing the same thing in Bessemer. Meanwhile, CRST Flatbed Solutions is adding a new location in Birmingham, which will serve as its new headquarters.

So this is great news for all of these businesses, as well as for the areas they will serve! These companies will create new jobs and also help boost the economy with their presence. Read on so you can find out more about each investment!

Ocean Bio-Chem:

“Also as a result of growth of our business we have directly supported the local Montgomery, Alabama economy during this time of lower employment. […] Not only did we increase our hiring during 2020, we now employ approximately 145 full time employees with benefits, an increase of approximately 50% from the beginning of 2020.”


Valeo North America:

“The City of Bessemer, the Birmingham Business Alliance and the State of Alabama demonstrated an attractive business friendly, pro-jobs attitude. This project, in this location, is a win-win for Valeo and for the community.”


CRST Flatbed Solutions:

“CRST has a longstanding and valued relationship with the Birmingham community[. They are] very proud of the growth and success it has achieved in the business-friendly environment Birmingham offers.


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