What Companies are Investing in Right to Work Kentucky?

There are three companies that are planning investments soon in Right to Work Kentucky. They include Metalsa Structural Products, Stratus Plastics, and Wholesale Hardwood Interiors. Metalsa and Stratus will both be expanding while Wholesale Hardwood Interiors is rebuilding after a fire accident.

Metalsa will be expanding in Hopkinsville and Stratus will be expanding in Morgantown. Meanwhile, Wholesale Hardwood Interiors is still in their old location in Campbellsville. Altogether, these three businesses will create 332 new jobs across the state. So this is great news for the economy! Read on to find out more about each individual investment.

Wholesale Hardwood Interiors:

“Wholesale Hardwood Interiors Inc. has built its success and reputation upon dedication to high standards of quality, service and integrity. […] We are truly grateful for all of the assistance that we have received and are continuing to receive. This assistance, along with a truly dedicated group of employees and sales representatives, ensures that the best is yet to come.”


Stratus Plastics:

“Stratus Plastics is proud to be part of the Morgantown community. […] We strive to develop not only our plastic products in a variety of manufacturing applications, but also the people we employ in our community and connections throughout the state.”


Metalsa Structural Products:

“The automotive industry will play a vital role in our efforts to build our economy back stronger than ever in Kentucky. […] If we are going to have a strong economy well into the future, automotive companies, particularly a strong supplier base, will be essential in making that goal a reality. Metalsa is an important part of Team Kentucky with three facilities in Central and West Kentucky. The company’s continued growth is tremendously good news for our state.”


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