What Companies Will Be Investing in Right to Work South Carolina?

Companies that will soon be investing in the state of South Carolina include 3D Systems, Mainstream Pine Products, Ray-Mont Logistics, and Designer Construction Corp. 3D Systems will be expanding in Rock Hill while the other three companies will be adding new locations in the state. Mainstream Pine Products will be adding a new oil biorefinery in Berkeley County, Ray-Mont will be adding a new location in North Charleston, and Designer Construction will add a new facility in Pageland.

These companies will benefit from the Right to Work economy, and the locals will benefit too, thanks to the new job opportunities. Read on to find out more about each company’s investment!

3D Systems:

“The expansion […] further emphasizes that Rock Hill fosters an atmosphere in which businesses can thrive. We strive to build business relationships that lead to success for the community as a whole, offering more opportunities to our citizens. 3D Systems is on the cutting edge of technology, and we are proud they call Rock Hill home.”


Mainstream Pine Products:

“Mainstream Pine Products’ announcement builds on South Carolina’s growing reputation in the renewable materials sector. I applaud this innovative company for establishing this new facility in Berkeley County and look forward to watching them thrive for years to come.”


Ray-Mont Logistics:

“Logistics companies are right at home in South Carolina. Ray-Mont Logistics’ new facility in Charleston County will help a variety of industries export products around the world and succeed in a globally competitive marketplace.”


Designer Construction Corp:

“Our mission is to accelerate the world’s development of healthy and affordable living environment.” […]

“Construction companies are right at home in South Carolina. Having Designer Construction Corporation establish new operations in Chesterfield County is a big win for the Palmetto State, and we look forward to watching them succeed for years to come.” 


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