What Do Boston Scientific and Okabashi Have in Common?

Boston Scientific and Okabashi are both investing in Right to Work Georgia! Boston Scientific will soon be adding a new location in Right to Work Johns Creek, Georgia. Meanwhile, Okabashi is expanding in Gwinnett County. Altogether, these two great companies will create a total of 680 new jobs. So this is exciting economic news!

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Boston Scientific:

Boston Scientific is investing $62.5 million toward a new location in Right to Work Johns Creek, Georgia. This will also create 340 new jobs!

“We welcome the expansion of a highly respected company like Boston Scientific, which is an ideal addition to the robust and growing life sciences ecosystem in Georgia. […] Collaborative relationships between the state’s universities, technical college systems, and companies inspire innovation, and we are excited that Boston Scientific recognizes this opportunity. Thank you to our partners in the City of Johns Creek and Fulton County for their support in bringing this important project home.” […]

“We could not be more thrilled with the decision by Boston Scientific to significantly expand their operations with a new facility in Johns Creek. […] Metro Atlanta is rich in assets to support the life sciences industry, including our medical schools, our universities, our large cluster of life science businesses, our highly educated and skilled workforce and more. The region is experiencing growing momentum in the life sciences industry, and we look forward to supporting Boston Scientific with their expansion plans.”



Okabashi Brands is investing $20 million in order to expand in Right to Work Gwinnett County, Georgia. This will also create 340 new jobs!

“Okabashi Brand’s commitment to our community and its people is one that dates back to the 1980s when my grandfather chose to bring his footwear manufacturing background to Georgia. […] The support from our community has fostered our growth and has allowed us to continue producing quality, American-made footwear. We are thrilled to be contributing to the local economy through this expansion.” […]

“I am excited to see a family-owned, homegrown company continue to create jobs and reinvest in Georgians with an environmentally friendly and community-conscious approach. […] Okabashi Brands understands the future of manufacturing lies in investing in sustainable practices, giving back to the community, and elevating a skilled workforce from the ground up. I am grateful to our partners in Gwinnett County and the Quick Start program for providing our Georgia companies with the support they need to succeed.”


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