What do HelloFresh and CP Technologies Have in Common?

They’re both investing in Right to Work Arizona! CP Technologies is actually officially open for business in Prescott, Arizona. This new location will now serve as their headquarters and will also create 200 new jobs! Meanwhile, HelloFresh is adding a new location in Phoenix. As a result, they will house 1,200 new jobs here. Altogether, that’s a total of 1,400 new jobs. So this is all very exciting news!

Read on to learn more about each investment and see what others are saying!

CP Technologies:

“We are proud to be a part of the outstanding technology and business community here in Arizona and are grateful for all the support we’ve received. […] The opening of this facility marks a major milestone for the CP brand and provides the needed expansion of our capabilities as a manufacturer to serve our customers worldwide.” […]

“CP Technologies represents another exciting high-tech company [that chooses] to relocate its headquarters from California to Arizona. […] This move puts CP Technologies front and center with Arizona’s growing technology and manufacturing sectors. We’re grateful for their investment in Prescott and look forward to their continued expansion.”



“We are thrilled to be expanding our operational footprint on the West Coast. […] Joining our Richmond facility, this new Phoenix distribution center will help strengthen our presence in the region and further support our mission of excellent service and delivery of delicious meals. We also look forward to tapping in to the region’s talented labor pool and making a positive impact on the local community.” […]

“We’re excited to welcome HelloFresh, and what will be their largest U.S. distribution center, to Arizona. […] This new facility will create hundreds of jobs for Arizonans and further cement Arizona’s leadership as a world class logistics center.” […]

“HelloFresh selecting Greater Phoenix for their largest global production and distribution facility is a testament to our region’s infrastructure, connectivity and talent pool; and ability to meet the needs of industry giants. […] HelloFresh will create an abundance of job opportunities for our residents. We look forward to being a partner in their continued success.”


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