What Do Kroger and Allegion Have in Common?

Kroger and Allegion are both expanding soon in Right to Work Indianapolis, Indiana! And it’s no surprise as to why. After all, Indiana provides incredible Right to Work benefits that help businesses continue to grow. And, they also create new job opportunities for workers! In fact, these two companies will altogether create a total of 475 new jobs. So this is exciting economic news!

Read on in order to learn more about each of these investments.


Kroger is expanding soon in Right to Work Indianapolis, Indiana. This will create 150 new jobs for people in the area.

“This fulfillment center, is another example of how Kroger is transforming e-commerce in the grocery industry using a vertically integrated network to provide a reliable and consistent delivery service that repeatedly receives favorable customer feedback like a best-in-class Net Promoter Score. Our expansion in Indiana represents our commitment to delivering fresh, affordable food in both existing and new geographies. […] As our e-commerce business accelerates, we’re excited to continue expanding our reach and loyalty by delivering our customers an exceptional service for as little as $6.95 powered by high-tech facilities.” […]

“Indiana’s pro-business ecosystem is an easy sell for companies like Kroger. […] We’re delighted to see Kroger continuing to grow with Indiana, working toward delivering innovative, technology-driven solutions to meet ever-evolving customer needs and producing even more opportunities for Hoosiers.” […]



Allegion is expanding in Right to Work Indianapolis, Indiana. As a result, this will create 325 new jobs over the next several years.

“Allegion has a strong history in Indiana, with one of our key global safety solutions, the Von Duprin exit device, being manufactured here for well over 100 years. […] Since becoming a standalone company, we’ve also been proud to call Indiana the home of our Americas regional headquarters, and we added to our presence with the opening of our Hague Road Technical Center in 2019. Now, we look forward to the next chapter of innovating and creating in Indiana to support our global vision of seamless access and a safer world.” […]

“Allegion is a prime example of how companies continue to innovate and set a new technology standard within an established industry, like the lock and security field. […] The energy this growth brings to central Indiana will help reaffirm Indiana’s strong reputation as a great state for high-growth innovation and the best workforce in America.”


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