What do Nissan and Noble Have in Common?

Noble Supply and Logistics and Nissan are both investing soon in Right to Work Mississippi! Noble Supply and Logistics will be adding a new location in Olive Branch. Meanwhile, Nissan is expanding in Canton. Read on in order to learn more about each investment!

Noble Supply and Logistics:

Noble Supply and Logistics is investing $4.41 million in order to add its largest distribution center in Right to Work Olive Branch, Mississippi, creating 25 new jobs.

“This new distribution center in Olive Branch is the ideal location for Noble’s expansion of fulfillment services. The facility expands our support to our U.S. military and government customers across the country and also supports shipments heading overseas to customers in Europe and CENTCOM.” […]

“MDA is proud to add Noble Supply and Logistics to the state’s strong portfolio of industry-leading logistics companies that call Mississippi home. Companies from around the country and around the globe continue to recognize the numerous advantages of a Mississippi location, like our exceptional workforce and central U.S. location, and I am certain the Noble team will benefit from our many competitive assets for years to come.”



Nissan Motor is investing $500 million in order to expand in Right to Work Canton, Mississippi. This will create 2,000 new jobs!

“Today’s announcement is the first of several new investments that will drive the EV revolution in the United States. […] Nissan is making a strong investment in Canton’s future, bringing the latest technology, training and process to create a truly best-in-class EV manufacturing team.” […]

“For nearly two decades, Mississippians have kept our state at the forefront of the world’s automotive industry. […] The announcement that Nissan Canton is shifting some production to EVs further positions Mississippi as a leader in this crucial economic sector. We are a top state for automotive leaders, and this significant investment by Nissan in the Canton facility lets the world know that we are open for business and our workforce is ready to take on these in-demand jobs of the future.” […]

“Nissan is the cornerstone of the state’s automotive industry. […] Nearly 20 years after opening its Canton facility, Mississippians continue to produce award-winning vehicles for this global automotive leader. Nissan’s decision to produce electric vehicles in the state once again places Mississippi in the global spotlight, demonstrating the pride our workforce takes in a job well done and its commitment to lasting success.”


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