What’s Happening in Right to Work Mississippi?

Three businesses are investing soon in Right to Work Mississippi! These are Walmart, Kevin Charles Fine Upholstery, and Scotsman Manufacturing. As a result, this will create 410 new jobs for the state. So this is exciting news!

Read on in order to learn more about each individual investment.


Walmart is investing $90 million in order to add a new fulfillment center in Right to Work Olive Branch, Mississippi. This will create 250 new jobs!

“Walmart is proud to welcome its newest fulfillment center to the city of Olive Branch as we continue to grow our national supply chain network and eCommerce capabilities in the mid-South. The new facility will store millions of items from Walmart’s everyday low-priced merchandise, which will be ready to be shipped directly to customers with the great speed that they expect.” […]

“Northwest Mississippi is an ideal location for companies with extensive shipping needs, like Walmart. The region offers an abundance of transportation options, as well as a dedicated workforce, so Walmart will certainly benefit from these and other business advantages, ensuring the retailer continues to get products to consumers as quickly as possible. 


Kevin Charles Fine Upholstery:

Kevin Charles Fine Upholstery is investing $6.571 million in order to expand in Right to Work New Albany, Mississippi. This will 75 new jobs!

“Kevin Charles and City Furniture appreciate the continuing support from our state, Union County and New Albany leaders, along with Three Rivers Planning and Development and the Mississippi Development Authority. Kevin Charles is committed to this area and continuing to build quality products and create jobs to join our team of quality associates.” […]

“Kevin Charles consistently produces top-quality furniture for City Furniture in Florida, and as a result, the company once again is bringing dozens of new job opportunities to Union County. MDA is glad to support Kevin Charles as it once again invests in its operations and workforce, and we thank our partners at Three Rivers Planning and Development District, the city of New Albany and Union County for working with us to make this project a reality.”


Scotsman Manufacturing:

Scotsman Manufacturing Company is open for business in Right to Work Laurel, Mississippi. They plan to create 85 new jobs soon.

“Manufacturing, a top economic driver for Mississippi, employs tens of thousands of workers in our state. When homegrown companies stay in Mississippi to plant roots and begin creating jobs in our communities, it truly does make a statement to other companies that we are a great place to do business. Scotsman Manufacturing will be an asset to Laurel and Jones County for many years to come, and MDA is proud to support this and future endeavors as the company brings good jobs to the area’s residents.” […]

“The work that the Napiers, their team and countless others have done in Laurel has helped rejuvenate, rebuild and revitalize a beautiful Mississippi city. Scotsman Manufacturing’s impact on southeast Mississippi, from direct and indirect jobs, additional economic growth and local pride, will be immeasurable.”


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