What Do Nucor And Samkee Have in Common?

Nucor and Samkee are both choosing to invest in Right to Work Alabama! Both of these incredible businesses are adding new locations within the state, which will create excellent new jobs and opportunities. These serve as great examples of how Right to Work stats attract quality businesses, which help the economy continually prosper on its own. Altogether, Nucor and Samkee will create 370 new jobs. Read on in order to learn more.

Nucor Corp:

Nucor Corp is investing $125 million in order to add a new facility and create 200 new jobs in Right to Work Decatur, Alabama.

“We are very excited to be building this new tower production plant in Alabama, where Nucor has a long history and presence throughout the state. […] As America’s most diverse industrial manufacturer of steel products, we will be able to efficiently supply this new plant, helping to ensure that our nation’s critical energy and digital infrastructure is built with the cleanest, most sustainable steel in the world.” […]

“Nucor Corp. has a long-standing manufacturing presence in Alabama, and it’s great to see the new Nucor Towers & Structures business unit commence operations in Decatur. […] Over the years, we’ve developed a strong partnership with Nucor, and I look forward to seeing our relationship expand with this new venture.”



Samkee is investing $128 million in order to establish its first US facility in Right to Work Tuskegee, Alabama. They will also create 170 new jobs!

“Samkee is a worldwide leader in quality manufactured aluminum die cast products. […] Our Tuskegee plant will allow our company to serve the North American market along with Hyundai’s market growth for both combustion engines and transmissions as well as electric vehicle and battery parts. […]

“Alabama’s auto industry is filled with world-class manufacturing companies from around the world, and Samkee will fit right in with that group. […] We’re proud that the company selected Alabama for its first U.S. production center and look forward to seeing it grow and thrive in coming years. Samkee has come to the right place for its new U.S. industrial home.”

“Samkee appreciated the local assets, spirit of cooperation and friendship developed over time with Macon County. We have strived with our stakeholders in a team effort to meet Samkee’s needs.”


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