What Do Pel-Freez and Vexus Boats Have in Common?

Pel-Freez and Vexus Boats are both expanding soon in Right to Work Arkansas! After all, the Right to Work state provides lots of economic benefits. Read on to learn more about each individual investment!

Pel-Freez Biologicals:

Pel-Freez Biologicals is expanding soon in Right to Work Rogers, Arkansas. This will also create 31 new jobs for the area!

Pel-Freez began as a backyard rabbit farm in 1911 and entered the biological business in the 1950s to meet the growing needs of researchers. The company produces high-quality raw materials and intermediates for biological research, including serums, plasma, blood fractions, tissues, and antibodies from a variety of species. They are the only large-scale producer of U.S.-origin rabbit serum and plasma, as well as several other specialized life science reagents used in the diagnostic and vaccine industry.

“Pel-Freez is just one more example of how the business climate and workforce in Northwest Arkansas are ideally suited to propel biotech companies to success. […] Pel-Freez has a long and rich history in the state. I am looking forward to seeing what the future holds for this exciting company.”


Vexus Boats:

Vexus Boats is expanding in Right to Work Flippin, Arkansas with a $4.2 million investment. This will also create 50 new jobs!

“We’re humbled and tremendously appreciative for the overwhelming response to our products. Consumer demand is driving growth, and we’re meeting that by transitioning some of our operations to a nearby facility. […] That site will provide added space for our custom trailer production as well as extensive engineering and cutting-edge product development. At the same time, the addition will significantly enhance the production flow and efficiencies of our aluminum and fiberglass boat manufacturing.” […]

“Vexus has been a great business partner in Flippin, and we are excited to continue the relationship and see what the future has in store. […] Arkansas has a workforce second to none, and I am confident that Vexus will continue to find success here.”


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