What Do Revman and Cytiva Have in Common?

Revman International and Cytiva are both expanding soon in Right to Work Utah! Revman is in Grantville, while Cytiva is in Logan. Altogether, these two businesses will create 466 new jobs for the state. So this will be a great addition to the economy! It also shows how Right to Work states encourage business and job growth.

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Revman International:

Revman International is expanding soon in Right to Work Grantsville, Utah. This will also create 70 new jobs for the area!

“We’re delighted about the possibility of opening a new facility in Grantsville. […] Revman is a leader within the home textiles business and especially within the industry’s e-commerce sector. The new facility will help us serve our customers and the end consumer faster and more efficiently.” […]

“Revman’s new distribution center will improve speed to consumers and reduce the cost for retailers. […] We’re excited they have chosen to grow in Tooele County and for the opportunities they’ll bring to the area.” […]

“In the home goods market, speed of delivery to the retailer and end customer is critical. […] Opening a distribution center in Utah makes Revman more competitive for the West Coast market and reduces freight costs. We look forward to their continued expansion.”



Cytiva is expanding soon in Right to Work Logan, Utah with a $231 million investment. This will also create 396 new jobs for the area!

“Our work in Logan, Utah enables the development and manufacture of many novel therapeutics. […] As global demand for our products and services continues, expanding our operations in Logan will help us deliver for our customers and patients.” […]

“With this expansion, Cytiva continues its multi-year pattern of multi-million dollar investment in Cache County. […] It’s heartening to see Cytiva’s continued confidence in Hyclone’s legacy, one of Utah’s original BioHive companies, and in Cache County’s future.”


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