What Do Scentsy, Crown, and Cardinal Foods Have In Common?

Scentsy, Crown Equipment, and Cardinal Foods all have one thing in common. They are all choosing to invest in Right to Work North Carolina!

Crown Equipment and Cardinal Foods will be expanding current facilities here, while Scentsy will be investing in a new North Carolina location. Scentsy will be locating to Rock Hill. Meanwhile, Crown Equipment will expand in Kingston and Cardinal Foods will expand in Pender County.

Altogether, these businesses will create 378 new jobs across the state. So this will be a great addition to the economy. Read on to find out what peopl ear saying about each investment!


“Scentsy is thrilled to open up a new distribution center in Rock Hill, South Carolina. We believe that all of our consultants, employees and customers are part of the Scentsy family, and we are so excited to add this community to our family. We have felt so welcomed by the community already as we have prepared for this facility’s opening, and we’re looking forward to being operational this summer.”


Crown Equipment Corporation:

“With the largest manufacturing workforce in the Southeast, North Carolina is poised to support Crown’s next phase of growth as they expand their manufacturing operations. […] Crown has been one of the larger employers in Lenoir County for more than 30 years. We welcome their continued investment and confidence in our business community and our people, especially during such unprecedented times.”


Cardinal Foods:

“Cardinal Foods is a home-grown company connecting North Carolina farmers to quality-minded consumers around the world. […] The company’s success demonstrates how our state’s productive soils and productive people create a global competitive edge for value-added agribusiness operations.”


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