What Do Tecnoform and HSC Have in Common?

Tecnoform and HSC are both investing soon in Right to Work Michigan. Each company is investing million of dollars in order to make their goals come true within the state. And, they will also create new Michigan jobs. So this is exciting news! Read on in order to learn the details about each investment.


Tecnoform is investing $7.3 million in order to add a new location and create 130 new jobs in Right to Work Cascade Township, Michigan

“This project will strengthen Tecnoform’s presence and future growth in the North American RV industry. […] We will be closer to our American customers, offering a high-quality product with fast response times for dynamic industry needs with products now proudly made in the USA.” […]

“Congratulations to the entire Tecnoform team on your continued growth and success. We appreciate your vote of confidence in our state and in our workforce. […] This project is a win for West Michigan and for the entire state. We are grateful to the Governor and legislators for the continued support of the Michigan Business Development Program. We’re proud to join our partners at The Right Place and Cascade Township as we celebrate Tecnoform’s investment here, and look forward to welcoming more companies like Tecnoform to Michigan.” […]

“Tecnoform is a high-tech manufacturer with innovative furniture products. […] After working with them through the pandemic, we’re thrilled they ultimately chose West Michigan as their first North American location, and we look forward to watching their growth here in the US.”



HSC is investing $375 million in order to expand in Right to Work Thomas Township, Michigan. As a result, this will also create 170 new jobs.

“We built our global reputation on the ability to stay at the forefront of high-tech polysilicon production for the critical semiconductor and solar industries. […] This investment in local infrastructure supports HSC’s ability to improve and expand our operations and helps us remain globally competitive. Today’s announcement proves Michigan is serious about prioritizing the growth of high-tech businesses. We thank Governor Whitmer and the Michigan Economic Development Corporation for ensuring the U.S. leads in crucial, silicon-enabled technologies.” […]

“Hemlock Semiconductor’s investments in Michigan will create more good jobs in the Saginaw region and empower us to continue building and leading semiconductor production in our state. […] Thanks to HSC’s continued investment in our state, which spans decades, Michigan will stay at the forefront of high-tech polysilicon production for the critical semiconductor and solar industries. The impact of this investment will be felt around the entire state for decades to come and build on our economic momentum as work to lead the future of this transformational industry right here in Michigan.”


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