What Economic Developments are Happening in Arizona?

Four businesses are investing in Right to Work Arizona. After all, Arizona provides Right to Work benefits that attract companies that will then create great new opportunities for workers. These businesses include Photocentric, Mechanical Keyboards, Li-Cycle Corp, and PennyMac Financial. Altogether, these companies will create around 500 new jobs across the state. So this is great news!

Read on to find out more about each individual investment!


Photocentric is adding dozens of new jobs to its new 50,000 square foot headquarters in Avondale, Arizona, so this is good news!

“At our core, Photocentric is a technology and innovation company. We’re thrilled to move our US-based operations to Avondale and add to the high-tech industry cluster growth in the area. […] The high caliber of available talent and great partnership with the City of Avondale’s Economic Development team have made this decision easy, and will ensure future success.” […]


Mechanical Keyboards:

Mechanical Keyboards is adding a new location in Right to Work West Chandler, Arizona. This will create 40 new jobs for the area!

“Mechanical Keyboards’ expansion into Chandler is yet another win for the East Valley and creates quality jobs for the residents of Greater Phoenix. […] The company is able to better serve customers on the West Coast with this move thanks to the region’s infrastructure and geographic position, and we look forward to watching them scale and being a partner in their continued success.”


Li-Cycle Corp:

Li-Cycle Corp is adding its third location in Right to Work Gilbert, Arizona. This will create around 50 new jobs for people in the area.

“With our rapidly expanding electric vehicle sector and focus on sustainability, Arizona is the perfect destination for Li-Cycle’s western-U.S. battery recycling hub. […] The Company’s cutting-edge technology fills a growing supply chain need while providing an eco-friendly solution for battery recycling. Arizona is proud to be a partner in Li-Cycle’s success and contribute to the positive impact they will continue to have.”


PennyMac Financial:

PennyMac Financial Services has just opened in Phoenix, Arizona. And, they are looking to hire up to 375 new employees from the area.

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic state officials said PennyMac has increased hiring efforts to address the elevated demand for mortgage originations. The company’s development provides needed services to customers and extensive growth opportunities for employees too.

“This project will bring hundreds of new high-value career opportunities to Arizona, which is already home to the second-largest concentration of financial services jobs in the nation.” 


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