What’s in Store for Right to Work Kansas’ Economy?

The two most recent Right to Work Kansas investments are coming from Lineage Logistics and MGP Ingredients. Lineage is adding a new location soon in Right to Work Olathe. Meanwhile, MGP Ingredients is expanding in Atchison.

Read on so you can learn more about each investment!

Lineage Logistics:

Lineage Logistics is investing $110 million in order to add a new location in Right to Work Olathe, Kansas. This will create 127 new jobs!

“We are thrilled to announce the opening of the state-of-the-art facility that Lineage designed and built for Smithfield in Olathe. […] At Lineage, we seek to partner with customers who are dedicated to transforming the food supply chain and, by leveraging our innovation and expertise, Smithfield will optimize their operations for speed, efficiency and cost savings.” […]

“This advanced, state-of-the-art, fully-automated new facility speaks volumes to the innovation we are excited to have in the state. […] Both Lineage and Smithfield exemplify the type of businesses we are working to attract and retain, and we are excited about their new investment in Kansas.”


MGP Ingredients:

MGP Ingredients is expanding one of its locations soon in Right to Work Atchison, Kansas.

“Building this new extrusion plant gives MGP the capacity and flexibility required to continue to meet the growing demand for our ProTerra line of texturized proteins. […] By transitioning the manufacturing process in-house, we reduce lead times related to co-packer scheduling issues, increase flexibility related to R&D projects and enhance our ability to effectively commercialize new products.”

MGP Ingredients is a leading producer of premium distilled spirits, branded spirits, and food ingredient solutions. Since 1941, we have combined our expertise and energy aimed at formulating excellence, bringing product ideas to life collaboratively with our customers.


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