What’s New in Right to Work Arizona?

Right to Work Arizona is always attracting great businesses as a result of its Right to Work laws. And these three companies are further proof of that! Owens Corning is opening back up here in Arizona. Meanwhile, ZEV and NTT Ltd are both adding new locations in the state. Altogether, these will create hundreds of new jobs. So this will be great for the state’s economy!

Read on to find out more about each investment.

Owens Corning:

Owens Corning is opening back up in Right to Work Eloy, Arizona. This will also create 50 new jobs for people in the area as well!

“This project is an excellent rural economic development win for the City of Eloy and Arizona. […] We are grateful to Owens Corning for choosing to reopen the Eloy site for their advanced manufacturing, which will provide quality jobs for local residents, and we look forward to supporting Owens Corning in their future success in the state.” […]

“I’m thrilled by this announcement, which will provide great jobs for our residents just as the City of Eloy and Pinal County are experiencing a significant increase in new home starts and an influx of new investment. […] Owens Corning has been a part of the Eloy industrial landscape for many years and this announcement comes at a time when our economic development efforts are starting to yield results.”



ZEV is adding a new 103,000-square-foot location in Right to Work Gilbert, Arizona. This will also create 300 new jobs for people in the area!

“ZEV values the incredible talent coming through these college programs, we have over four graduates with patent filings in less than 6 months of development, that is rapid innovation.” […]

“We are thrilled that ZEV have selected Gilbert Crossroads for their new headquarters and look forward to welcoming them to their new state-of-the art manufacturing facility in December.”


NTT Ltd:

NTT Ltd is building a new Data Center in Right to Work Mesa, Arizona. This will give more people in the area better access to great technology.

“We are excited to welcome NTT to Arizona. […] We […] look forward to their future success as a part of Arizona’s thriving data center ecosystem.” […]

“The number of clients and major providers currently in the region, or set to be there soon, speaks to the fact that Phoenix has become a real data center destination. […] We want to have a presence in the markets that make the most sense for our clients. Phoenix stood out as one of those markets, and the city of Mesa, in particular, was the perfect fit.”


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