Businesses Are Locating to Right to Work Arizona!

Three businesses that are investing in Right to Work Arizona include KOAM, Exro Technologies, and KORE Power. KOAM is actually already open for business in Phoenix! That leaves Exro Technologies to add headquarters in Mesa, and KORE Power to add a new location in Maricopa County. Altogether, these companies will create 3,100 new jobs across the state. So this is great news!

Read on to learn more about each investment.


KOAM is officially open for business in Right to Work Phoenix, Arizona! As a result of their new facility, they plan to now create 50 new jobs!

“KOAM brings not only seasoned experience, but also innovative solutions in automotive packaging and material handling, as well as logistics to the new EV industry in the greater Phoenix area. […] KOAM is here to provide the new EV companies premier products and services in all three business areas: automotive packaging, material handling, and logistics to ensure their success here in Greater Phoenix. For this reason, we are truly excited to be part of a new chapter in automotive history.” […]

“Greater Phoenix is emerging as the US’ new hub for electric vehicle manufacturing and KOAM is a great addition to the region’s robust supplier ecosystem. […] We look forward to being a partner in KOAM’s continued success and seeing their growth here in Greater Phoenix.”


Exro Technologies:

Exro Technologies is locating US Headquarters soon in Right to Work Mesa, Arizona. This will create 50 new jobs over the next year or so.

“The Greater Phoenix area was a natural choice for our U.S. home. We’re thrilled to become a part of the innovative business community. […] The region is ripe with potential manufacturing partners and suppliers, and its competitive talent pipeline will support our continued growth. Mayor Giles and the city of Mesa have welcomed our vision and we look forward to building on the city’s enthusiasm for electric vehicles. We’re excited to invite customers and shareholders to visit us and see our technology at work!” […]

“Exro is doing ground-breaking work and is the type of technology company that propels our innovation-centered economy while bolstering the region’s electric vehicle ecosystem. […] We’re excited to see another Canadian technology firm place investment in Mesa and look forward to being a partner in their continued growth and success.”


KORE Power:

KORE Power is planning to soon create up to 3,000 new jobs in Right to Work Maricopa County, Arizona.

“We needed a location for our factory that had a track record of supporting energy storage, a growing clean transportation sector, and a workforce that could deliver American-made battery technology that the supply chain so desperately needs. […] Arizona hit a home run. We’re fully committed to be a cornerstone of the state’s clean economy. We’re proud to bring advanced cell manufacturing home to the U.S.” […]

“KORE Power’s expansion to Arizona will bring thousands of great-paying jobs to our state[…]. As one of the nation’s top producers of clean energy technologies, KORE Power plays an important role in maintaining American energy independence. This investment in our electric vehicle infrastructure and climate resiliency will continue to advance Arizona’s leadership in the tech sector as well as help our nation achieve its renewable energy goals.”


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