Where are Pfizer and Suzuki Motor Investing?

Two companies are adding new locations in Right to Work Florida, and they include Pfizer and Suzuki Motor of America. Yes, you read that right. Pfizer, the company responsible for making one of the variants of the COVID-19 vaccine, will soon be adding a new global capability hub in Tampa. Suzuki Motor will also be investing in Tampa by building a new corporate headquarters here.

These two companies will create lots of new jobs for the area, so they’re highly welcomed to the area. Read on to find out more about each company!


“This is great news for the Tampa Bay region and for Florida. […] Florida is clearly the perfect location for life science companies like Pfizer and the associated business functions that makes their success possible.” […]

“Tampa and Hillsborough County’s reputation for providing highly skilled talent across IT, finance, and life sciences and healthcare functions makes it a perfect fit for these large capability centers. In fact, these three industry sectors are projected to see some of the largest growth over the next five years. […] This is truly a transformative project for our community with positive impacts that [we will feel] throughout our entire region.”


Suzuki Motor of America:

“We’ve worked hard over the last several years to attract more corporate headquarters to the Tampa Bay market. […] Suzuki Marine recognizes that Hillsborough County provides the type of pro-business climate it needs to thrive. We’re confident that over time they will plant deep roots here and be highly successful.”


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