Will These Companies Be Investing In Your Tennessee Community?

Many companies are choosing to invest in the state of Tennessee due to the many benefits of the Right to Work State. Hargett Materials and Cognate BioServices will soon be adding new locations. Hargett Materials will settle in Milan, while Cognate BioServices is adding three new facilities in Memphis. In addition, both Valmont Industries and ICON Clinical Research will be expanding. Valmont Industries will expand in Jasper while ICON Clinical Research will be expanding in Brentwood.

Altogether, these investments from various businesses will create hundreds of new jobs all across the state – the result of Right to Work policy. Read on so you can find out more about each investment!

Valmont Industries:

“We are committed to rapidly expanding our global reach and capacity, allowing us to further our mission of developing, manufacturing and delivering leading-edge living therapeutics of the highest quality to patients around the globe.” […]

“Tennessee’s manufacturing sector continues to see tremendous growth across the state. Valmont Industries has manufacturing facilities in 22 countries around the globe […]. We thank Valmont for its continued investment in our state and for creating new jobs in Jasper.”


Hargett Materials Inc:

“Companies invested nearly $3 billion in rural Tennessee communities last year[. W]e are very proud of that growth especially in the midst of a pandemic. Hargett Materials is a valued partner in Gibson County, and these jobs will provide additional opportunities in Northwest Tennessee.” […]

“The Delta Regional Authority’s investment to strengthen Gibson County infrastructure further supports economic growth[…]. The Hargett Materials, Inc. operations expansion is projected to create 50 new jobs[. This will provide] more economic opportunities for workers and jobs seekers in Northwest Tennessee.” 


ICON Clinical Research:

“ICON is [happy] to announce the addition of 85 high-quality jobs to our operations in Brentwood. We applaud the State of Tennessee’s continued support of Greater Nashville as a global hub for clinical and medical research.” […]

“At TNECD we [commit] to bringing quality family-wage jobs to Tennesseans. We’d like to thank ICON for choosing to expand its world-renowned business in Brentwood. It’s a testament to our strong workforce and business-friendly climate we’ve fostered in Tennessee.”


Cognate BioServices:

“As our economy continues to recover in the midst of a pandemic, Cognate BioServices’ decision to expand in Memphis is great news for our state and the citizens […] The creation of more than 550 high-quality jobs means new opportunities for area residents, and I appreciate Cognate BioServices for its continued investment and job creation in Tennessee.”


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