1,162 New Jobs Coming to Right to Work Utah!

Major investments are happing in Utah, no doubt in part due to its Right to Work laws, which give workers freedom to choose. The most recent Right to Work Utah investments are coming from Texas Instruments and Procter & Gamble, as well as Dandy and Dura-Line. Altogether, these companies will create 1,162 new jobs. So this is exciting news! Read on in order to find out more about what each investment will mean for the economy.

Texas Instruments:

Texas Instruments is investing $11 billion in order to add a new facility and create 800 new jobs in Right to Work Lehi, Utah.

“We’re excited Texas Instruments has decided to build a second factory in Lehi. […] This new factory will bring significant capital investment to the state along with hundreds of high-tech jobs. This is a big win for the state and Lehi City.” […]

“The federal government recognized at the front end of the pandemic that our country’s reliance on overseas semiconductor manufacturing is a national security issue. This project is the direct result of significant investment in strengthening our country’s supply chain. […] Texas Instruments’ commitment to investing in Utah will have a transformational impact on Lehi and Utah’s manufacturing industry.”


Procter & Gamble:

Procter & Gamble is investing $400 million in order to expand in Right to Work Box Elder County, Utah. They will also create 100 new jobs.

“Procter & Gamble is a well-known company with brands that are in almost all Utah households. […] We’re excited they have decided to expand in Box Elder County, and we wish the company success as they continue to grow.” […]

“We are thoroughly impressed by Procter & Gamble’s continued investment in Box Elder County and their commitment to being a world-class corporate citizen. […] The company’s ongoing diligence in resource stewardship and quality job growth makes them an ideal partner in Utah’s goal for economic prosperity.”



Dandy is investing $11 million in order to add a new location in Right to Work Lehi, Utah. As a result, this will create 200 new jobs!

“Dandy has a unique business model that will be a great addition to our state. […] With this expansion, the area gains high-paying jobs above the average county wage.” […]

“This is an exciting win for Lehi that will bring high-tech production jobs to the center of Utah’s tech sector. […] Dandy has found a great home in Silicon Slopes and will add to the economic diversity of the region.”



Dura-Line is investing $73 million in order to expand two Right to Work Salt Lake City, Utah locations. This will also create 62 new jobs!

“We looked at several locations throughout the western U.S. for this expansion, but with our long history of success with our North Salt Lake facility, it just made sense for Dura-Line to put down even deeper roots.” […]

“We’re delighted that a world-class manufacturer like Dura-Line would select the Utah Inland Port Authority for its latest expansion. […] We look forward to seeing the continued growth of Dura-Line’s operations across several Utah locations.” […]

“Dura-Line’s quality conduit connects individuals and communities to each other and economic opportunities. […] I’m pleased Dura-Line is expanding in Utah, and I look forward to watching the company grow.”


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